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    • A comparative genomics perspective on the genetic content of the alkaliphilic haloarchaeon Natrialba magadii ATCC 43099T 

      Siddaramappa, Shivakumara; Challacombe, Jean F; DeCastro, Rosana E; Pfeiffer, Friedhelm; Sastre, Diego E; Giménez, María I; Paggi, Roberto A; Detter, John C; Davenport, Karen W; Goodwin, Lynne A; Kyrpides, Nikos; Tapia, Roxanne; Pitluck, Samuel; Lucas, Susan; Woyke, Tanja; Maupin-Furlow, Julie A (2012-05-04)
      Abstract Background Natrialba magadii is an aerobic chemoorganotrophic member of the Euryarchaeota and is a dual extremophile requiring alkaline conditions and hypersalinity for optimal growth. The genome sequence of Nab. ...
    • Horizontal gene transfer in Histophilus somni and its role in the evolution of pathogenic strain 2336, as determined by comparative genomic analyses 

      Siddaramappa, Shivakumara; Challacombe, Jean F; Duncan, Alison J; Gillaspy, Allison F; Carson, Matthew; Gipson, Jenny; Orvis, Joshua; Zaitshik, Jeremy; Barnes, Gentry; Bruce, David; Chertkov, Olga; Detter, J Chris; Han, Cliff S; Tapia, Roxanne; Thompson, Linda S; Dyer, David W; Inzana, Thomas J. (2011-11-23)
      Abstract Background Pneumonia and myocarditis are the most commonly reported diseases due to Histophilus somni, an opportunistic pathogen of the reproductive and respiratory tracts of cattle. Thus far only a few genes ...