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    • Effects of the probiotic lactobacillus animalis in murine mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection 

      Karunasena, Enusha; Kurkure, Paresh C; Lackey, Russell D; McMahon, Kevin Wyatt; Kiernan, Estevan P; Graham, Suzanne; Alabady, Magdy S; Campos, David L; Tatum, Owatha L; Brashears, Mindy M (2013-01-16)
      Abstract Background MAP is a suspected zoonotic pathogen and the causative agent of Johne’s Disease in cattle and other ruminant animals. With over $1 billion dollars in loss to the dairy industry due to Johne’s Disease, ...
    • Updating microbial genomic sequences: improving accuracy & innovation 

      Tae, Hongseok; Karunasena, Enusha; Bavarva, Jasmin H; Garner, Harold R. (2014-11-07)
      Abstract Background Many bacterial genome sequences completed using the Sanger method may contain assembly errors due in-part to low sequence coverage driven by cost. Findings To illustrate the need for re-sequencing of ...