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    • A standard cytogenetic map of Culex quinquefasciatus polytene chromosomes in application for fine-scale physical mapping 

      Unger, Maria F; Sharakhova, Maria V; Harshbarger, Adam J; Glass, Patrick; Collins, Frank H (2015-06-06)
      Abstract Background Southern house mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus belongs to the C. pipiens cryptic species complex, with global distribution and unclear taxonomy. Mosquitoes of the complex can transmit human and animal ...
    • Update of the Anopheles gambiaePEST genome assembly 

      Sharakhova, Maria V; Hammond, Martin P; Lobo, Neil F; Krzywinski, Jaroslaw; Unger, Maria F; Hillenmeyer, Maureen E; Bruggner, Robert V; Birney, Ewan; Collins, Frank H (2007-01-08)
      Abstract Background The genome of Anopheles gambiae, the major vector of malaria, was sequenced and assembled in 2002. This initial genome assembly and analysis made available to the scientific community was complicated ...