The Center for Human-Computer Interaction is a transdisciplinary community of scholars. Our mission is to advance HCI research and education through intellectual and creative leadership and to advocate for a human-centered approach to technology, both at Virginia Tech and globally.

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  • Force Push: Exploring Expressive Gesture-to-Force Mappings for Remote Object Manipulation in Virtual Reality 

    Yu, Run; Bowman, Doug A. (Frontiers Media, 2018-09-28)
    This paper presents Force Push, a novel gesture-based interaction technique for remote object manipulation in virtual reality (VR). Inspired by the design of magic powers in popular culture, Force Push uses intuitive hand ...
  • Relative Effects of Real-world and Virtual-World Latency on an Augmented Reality Training Task: An AR Simulation Experiment 

    Nabiyouni, Mahdi; Scirbo, Siroberto; Bowman, Doug A.; Höllerer, Tobias (Frontiers Media, 2017-01-30)
    In augmented reality (AR), virtual objects and information are overlaid onto the user’s view of the physical world and can appear to become part of the real-world. Accurate registration of virtual objects is a key requirement ...
  • 3D Sketching and Flexible Input for Surface Design: A Case Study 

    Leal, Anamary; Bowman, Doug A. (Brazilian Computing Society (SBC), 2014)
    Designing three-dimensional (3D) surfaces is difficult in both the physical world and in 3D modeling software, requiring background knowledge and skill. The goal of this work is to make 3D surface design easier and more ...
  • Immersive Analytics: Theory and Research Agenda 

    Skarbez, Richard; Polys, Nicholas F.; Ogle, J. Todd; North, Chris; Bowman, Doug A. (Frontiers, 2019-09-10)
    Advances in a variety of computing fields, including "big data," machine learning, visualization, and augmented/mixed/virtual reality, have combined to give rise to the emerging field of immersive analytics, which investigates ...
  • Move the Object or Move Myself? Walking vs. Manipulation for the Examination of 3D Scientific Data 

    Lages, Wallace S.; Bowman, Doug A. (Frontiers, 2018-07-10)
    Physical walking is consistently considered a natural and intuitive way to acquire viewpoints in a virtual environment. However, research findings also show that walking requires cognitive resources. To understand how this ...
  • Bare-hand volume cracker for raw volume data analysis 

    Socha, John J.; Laha, Bireswar; Bowman, Doug A. (2016-09-28)
    Analysis of raw volume data generated from different scanning technologies faces a variety of challenges, related to search, pattern recognition, spatial understanding, quantitative estimation, and shape description. In a ...
  • Technology helps students transcend part-whole concepts 

    Norton, Anderson H. III; Wilkins, Jesse L. M.; Evans, Michael A.; Deater-Deckard, Kirby; Balci, Osman; Chang, Mido
    How would your students make sense of the fraction 5/7? Would they interpret it as 5 parts out of 7 equal parts? Could they also understand it as a piece that is 5 times as large as 1/7? The former interpretation aligns ...