Summer Virtual Reality And 3-D Workshops For Middle School Students To Be Held At Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG, Va., June 12, 2003 – Two summer workshops, one on digital video and virtual reality, the other on 3-D design, will offer aspiring middle school web designers, writers, and computer gurus a high-tech learning adventure that will beef up brainpower in math, science, computers, and oral and written communication. Virginia Tech's Outreach Program Development and the Center for Instructional Technology Solutions in Industry and Education have teamed up with the support of Montgomery County schools to bring fun-filled, interactive, and creative workshops to Montgomery County's 2003-2004 middle school students. Classes will be held on the Virginia Tech campus and will be small in size to ensure personalized attention.

The one-week workshops will engage students in hands-on exercises using computers and real-life scientific puzzles as well as introduce them to careers in fast-growing, high-tech fields. Students will form new friendships while improving their ability to think critically, solve problems, and work in teams.

Digital Video and QuickTime Virtual Reality will be offered July 14-18. Students will explore the many aspects of movie production as they learn to use digital cameras, tripods, and other equipment, as well as QuickTime Virtual Reality panorama and object creation software to record spaces and objects. Using digital video cameras and iMovie software, students will be part of a team creating a series of short movies. Opportunities to play the part of scriptwriter, director, actor, cameraperson, and editor are available. Finally, students will use Dreamweaver to create a webpage to showcase creations.

3-D Design Modeling and Animation will be offered August 4-8. This workshop is perfect for the student who wants to explore the world of virtual reality. Students will create three-dimensional models and animate them using Cinema4D software. Everyone will collaborate and interact through desktop virtual environments – and see such things as virtual insects, historical cathedrals, or even walk "inside" parts of biological cells while visiting the VT CAVE. Students will learn to use Dreamweaver to create their own personal web page.

Workshops are held from 1 - 5 p.m. each day. The fee for each workshop is $275 and includes materials, afternoon snacks, and a field trip. A full information packet will be sent home to parents through Montgomery County middle schools. Information and registration is also available online at