Younos president-elect of Universities Council on Water Resources

BLACKSBURG, Va., July 30, 2004 – The Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) has elected Tamim Younos, of Blacksburg, as president-elect. Younos is interim director of the Water Resources Research Center ( at Virginia Tech.

Last year, UCOWR recognized Younos for his vision and national leadership in water resources research, education, and outreach and outstanding contribution. He has been on the board of directors since 1999. He will become president in July 2005.

The UCOWR is comprised of 85 member universities engaged in research, education, public service, international activities, and information support for policy and decision-makers in areas related to water resources.

Virginia Water Resources Research Center is a partner in the education of future water scientists, encourages and helps support research on solutions to water resources problems, and enhances the transfer of information to public and private decision makers.

Younos earned Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo in 1976. He joined the Virginia Tech faculty in 1979 and was appointed associate director of the Virginia Water Resources Research Center in 1996 and interim director in 2002.