Statement by Virginia Tech President Charles W. Steger regarding Girls Gone Wild

BLACKSBURG, Va., April 13, 2007 – This week our university was apprised of a potential visit to Blacksburg of a despicable pornographic operation dubbed Girls Gone Wild.

Over the past week leaders at Virginia Tech, our student body, and our faculty have been working with the Town of Blacksburg and the greater Blacksburg community to stop a plan by Oge Chi’s restaurant and bar to host a Girls Gone Wild party on April 20. As a business engaged in the production and worldwide distribution of pornography, Girls Gone Wild runs contrary to all the values for which the university stands.

The Virginia Tech Principles of Community clearly outline the collective expectations of the university community to learn and work in a respectful environment. The students, faculty, and staff have clearly articulated our values and are to be applauded for demonstrating their opposition.

Girls Gone Wild has a reputation for making a profit by selling images of women that are degrading and demeaning. As a university we condemn this activity and see no place for it in our community. We will do everything possible to stop it and encourage others to do the same.