Architecture professor Markus Breitschmid authors book on Nietzsche

BLACKSBURG, Va., Aug. 17, 2007 – Markus Breitschmid, assistant professor of architecture in Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies, has authored a book, Nietzsche's Denkraum, published by Edition Didacta, in Zürich, Switzerland.

“Friedrich Nietzsche's architectural proposal is to build a world. It is not so much a megalomaniac and over-ambitious project in which Nietzsche would lead us to a perfect utopia according to his own taste, but more so a proposed conduct for nihilist modern men, who have lost God, to overcome that nihilism. Recognizing the weakness of modern man's life-compass, Nietzsche is the ‘architect’ who builds a Denkraum, a space for reflection, from which man can master his world once more,” said Breitschmid.

Breitschmid received his Master of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech.

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