Board of Visitors approves planning for new public safety building

BLACKSBURG, Va., Aug. 27, 2007 – At its regular quarterly meeting held today on campus, the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors took action on several resolutions.

Among them was the approval of a planning project for a new public safety building that would include police, rescue squad, and emergency management programs under one roof. The proposed project, estimated at $20 million, is envisioned as a 35,000 gross square foot, two-story building with necessary accommodations for personnel, storage, training, vehicles, and a command center.

The board also approved a resolution on 2008-2010 appropriation requests to the Virginia General Assembly. The board also approved resolutions to finance a project to expand and upgrade the university’s central heating system and to update the policy governing the investment of university funds.

A resolution to strengthen the university’s policy on misconduct in research was also passed. The new policy will achieve greater consistency and assure appropriate compliance by assigning responsibility for oversight of scholarly misconduct issues and investigations to a research integrity officer reporting to the vice president for research. The new policy will better integrate the involvement of the Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Ethics by including a committee member on inquiry and investigative committees.

The board also approved a resolution honoring U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Jesse G. Clowers, Jr., a 2003 graduate of the Pamplin College of Business, who lost his life August 12, 2007, while serving in Afghanistan.

The board also received a briefing on the Virginia Tech Arts Initiative, a comprehensive effort to enhance the arts on the Virginia Tech campus. The arts initiative will strengthen arts programs in the School of the Arts and across the university, act as a catalyst for economic and community development, develop educational programs at the K-12 level, and establish dynamic community and regional partnerships between government, business, and citizen groups.

On Sunday, board members were further briefed on the reports prepared by the three university working groups on Security Infrastructure; Telecommunications Infrastructure; and Interface between Academic Affairs, Judicial System, Counseling Services, and the Legal System

The next regular quarterly meeting of the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors will be held Nov. 5-6, 2006 on the Virginia Tech campus. 2008 quarterly board meetings will be held on March 30-31, June 1-2, August 24-25, and Nov. 2-3.

Please note: Board minutes, resolutions, and other background information may be found at the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors website.