Fact Sheet: Virginia Tech / University of Richmond joint B.S./J.D. degree program

BLACKSBURG, Va., May 11, 2006 – The following information pertains to the new Virginia Tech / University of Richmond Joint B.S./J.D. Degree Program announced Thursday in Blacksburg:

General Information:

==> Partnership between the College of Science at Virginia Tech and the T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond.

==> The six-year, joint degree program gives students the opportunity to complete coursework for a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in any major in the College of Science in three years and move directly into law school at the University of Richmond.

==> Upon completion of law school, the student will have both a B.S and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree with a certificate of specialization in intellectual property law.

==> With planning, careful selection of coursework, and academic advising, students can potentially eliminate up to two years from the total time it would take if they sought each of these two degrees separately.

==> Both degrees are awarded upon completion of law school.

==> Intellectual property law is a field of law that deals with discoveries, scientists, universities, and companies that conduct research and development to insure product and property protection.

==> Intellectual property law is the fastest growing field of law in today’s technology-driven society.

==> Technology will continue to shape our society and our future; as it does, we will rely now more than ever on intellectual property law to control its impact.

==> The key component of this unique educational initiative is the confluence of technology, society and law.

Additional Information for Prospective Students/Parents:

==> Law-related courses will be offered during undergraduate studies; these courses will be taught by faculty from the University of Richmond Law School and practicing patent attorneys.

==> Courses will be offered under the College of Science designation number. Topics include:

1. How intellectual property lawyers acquire and enforce rights for clients

2. Overview of U.S. Patent Law and how it benefits the economy and the average standard of living

3. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; small business advantages of intellectual property development

4. Copyrights and how they relate to the everyday person/student Trade secret law, protection and enforcement.

==> The program offers pre-law advising for those interested in careers in intellectual property law as well as a streamlined admissions procedure into the University of Richmond.

==> Students are not required to declare their intent to pursue this tract upon admission to Virginia Tech; however, the sooner they make the decision, the more timely they can move through the required coursework.

==> For more information, contact cosadvising@vt.edu.