University announces preliminary schedule for 2010 Day of Remembrance

Cadets stand vigil at the memorial.

Cadets stand vigil at the memorial.

BLACKSBURG, Va., Feb. 17, 2010 – A preliminary schedule of public events and campus activities has been announced as Virginia Tech plans for its 2010 Day of Remembrance.

“Last year, the Day of Remembrance Steering Committee set the tone for future Day of Remembrance observances, and the committee expressed its desire for there to be an academic focus this year,” said Senior Vice President and Provost Mark McNamee. “We felt it was important to honor the pursuit of scholarship clearly evident in the lives of those who were lost on April 16, 2007. In that spirit, many of the public events that will be held this year, particularly the events collectively referred to as ‘Expressions of Remembrance’ will have an academic focus.”

Virginia Tech will not hold classes on Friday, April 16, and university offices will open at 10 a.m. to accommodate the thousands of runners and walkers expected for the second annual 3.2 Mile Run in Remembrance to be held early that morning. University employees will be afforded as much work schedule flexibility as possible so they can participate in Day of Remembrance activities.

Students, faculty, and campus organizations will organize a variety of “Expressions of Remembrance” events from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at venues across campus. Academic program showcases; musical and artistic performances; art creation; and panel discussion on “A Story of Community Resilience” are among the activities being planned.

As details on specific events are finalized, complete information will be posted to the We Remember website. A link to this website can be found by clicking on the memorial ribbon located in the upper right hand corner of the university homepage.

Other events planned for Friday, April 16 include the following