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    • The F [subscript N] method for a bare critical cylinder 

      Southers, Jack Daniel (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1982)
      The FN method, originated by C. E. Siewert, is developed for a bare, axially infinite critical cylinder. The full-range completeness and orthogonality properties of the singular eigenfunctions are used to derive ...
    • F-spondin Is Essential for Maintaining Circadian Rhythms 

      Carrillo, Gabriela L.; Su, Jianmin; Monavarfeshani, Aboozar; Fox, Michael A. (Frontiers, 2018-02-08)
      The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) is the master pacemaker that drives circadian behaviors. SCN neurons have intrinsic, self-sustained rhythmicity that is governed by transcription-translation feedback loops. Intrinsic ...
    • F-theory on quotient threefolds with (2,0) discrete superconformal matter 

      Anderson, Lara B.; Grassi, Antonella; Gray, James; Oehlmann, Paul-Konstantin (Springer, 2018-06-20)
      We explore 6-dimensional compactifications of F-theory exhibiting (2, 0) superconformal theories coupled to gravity that include discretely charged superconformal matter. Beginning with F-theory geometries with Abelian ...
    • An F-theory realization of the chiral MSSM with Z(2)-parity 

      Cvetič, Mirjam; Lin, Ling; Liu, Muyang; Oehlmann, Paul-Konstantin (Springer, 2018-09-17)
      Using F-theory we construct 4D N = 1 SUGRA theories with the Standard Model gauge group, three chiral generations, and matter parity in order to forbid all dimension four baryon and lepton number violating operators. The ...
    • F. William Pierson named director of Veterinary Teaching Hospital 

      Jackson, Christy (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2008-05-21)
      Dr. F. William "Bill" Pierson, of Check, Va., has been named director of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. Pierson had been serving as interim ...
    • F.M. Anne McNabb honored with emeritus status 

      Owczarski, Mark (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2009-11-11)
      F.M. Anne McNabb of Blacksburg, professor of biological sciences in the College of Science and former associate dean of the Graduate School at Virginia Tech, has been conferred the "professor and associate dean emerita" ...
    • FAA airline evacuation tests: Flawed from the start? 

      Silk, Robert (Travel Weekly, 2021-03-31)
      A Congressional mandate from 2018 stated that the FAA set standards for seat width, and space between rows. These specifications have required a measure of safety in determining that aircraft were being properly tested ...
    • FAA Believes Most Airlines Won’t Weigh Passengers 

      Thomaselli, Rich (Travel Pulse, 2021-05-19)
      •The Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t believe airlines will resort to weighing passengers prior to flights, saying guidance it issued two years ago regarding weight and balance on planes inexplicably blew up into a ...
    • FAA Proposes Nearly $65k In Fines Against Five Unruly Passengers 

      Singh, Jay (Simple Flying, 2021-05-24)
      The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed fines against five passengers. The passengers have all allegedly engaged in some level of disobedience inflight. In total, the penalties against five ...
    • FAA Supports Airport Improvement Projects With $630m In Grants 

      Singh, Jay (Simple Flying, 2021-04-05)
      The FAA has announced additional grants of over $627 million to assist airports with a variety of improvements ranging from runways, taxiways, terminals, aprons, and equipment at a wide variety of airport locations. The ...
    • Fabric banner from University of San Diego 

      University of San Diego (Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, 2012-03-12)
    • Fabric banner in Johnston Student Center 

      Tatum, Steven E (Photographer) (Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, 2012-03-12)
    • Fabric banner with victims' names in the borders and a letter from donor 

      Lawrence, Anne S. (Photographer) (Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, 2012-03-12)
    • The Fabric of a Neighborhood: Hilton Village in Newport News, Virginia 

      Perkins, Susan C. (Virginia Tech, 1995-05-04)
      This thesis is an analytic study of a neighborhood. Using Hilton Village in Newport News, Virginia as an example, the graphic analysis encompasses all levels of the neighborhood fabric and considers several possible ...
    • Fabricated Preservation 

      Monzel, Daniel Robert (Virginia Tech, 2020-05-19)
      "Fabricated Preservation" aims to push the boundaries with traditional theses, creating a multi-layered experience that blends fact and fiction through a performance that centers around environmental storytelling in virtual ...
    • Fabrication and Characterization of a Porous Clad Optical Fiber Gas Sensor 

      Scott, Brian Lee (Virginia Tech, 2008-12-17)
      An optical fiber has been developed that can be used as a chemical gas sensor. Fabrication of the optical fiber produces a fiber that has a solid core with a porous cladding. The porous cladding region is made from a ...
    • Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanocomposite Photopolymers via Projection Stereolithography 

      Campaigne, Earl Andrew III (Virginia Tech, 2014-08-19)
      Projection Stereolithography (PSL) is an Additive Manufacturing process that digitally patterns light to selectively expose and layer photopolymer into three dimensional objects. Nanomaterials within the photopolymer are ...
    • Fabrication and Characterization of Layer by Layer Assembled Single and Dual-Electrochrome Electrochromic Devices 

      Montazami, Reza (Virginia Tech, 2009-12-04)
      This thesis presents applications of the layer-by-layer (LbL) assembly technique in fabrication of thin films with a primary focus on design and development of electrochromic devices. The optical properties of electrochromic ...
    • Fabrication and Characterization of Narrow-Stripe Quantum Well Laser Diodes 

      Chern, Kevin Tsun-Jen (Virginia Tech, 2009-06-25)
      More efficient semiconductor lasers will be needed in tomorrow's applications. These lasers can only be realized through the application of new device processing techniques, designed to restrict current, carrier, and/or ...
    • Fabrication and characterization of PLGA nanoparticles encapsulating large CRISPR–Cas9 plasmid 

      Jo, Ami; Ringel-Scaia, Veronica M.; McDaniel, Dylan K.; Thomas, Cassidy A.; Zhang, Rui; Riffle, Judy S.; Allen, Irving C.; Davis, Richey M. (2020-01-20)
      Background The clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) and Cas9 protein system is a revolutionary tool for gene therapy. Despite promising reports of the utility of CRISPR–Cas9 for in vivo gene ...