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    • D'un Aménagement Anti-érosif des Champs à la Gestion de l'Espace Rural Mali-Sud 

      Hijkoop, J.; Van der Poel, P. (1989)
      This article analyzes how the agricultural production system in Southern Mail is contributing to the degradation of ecosystems. Since the population and mechanized agriculture has increased, so has the amount of land that ...
    • D-branes and K-homology 

      Jia, Bei (Virginia Tech, 2013-04-19)
      In this thesis the close relationship between the topological $K$-homology group of the spacetime manifold $X$ of string theory and D-branes in string theory is examined. An element of the $K$-homology group is given by ...
    • D-cycloserine-augmented one-session treatment of specific phobias in children and adolescents 

      Farrell, Lara J.; Waters, Allison M.; Oar, Ella L.; Tiralongo, Evelin; Garbharran, Vinay; Alston-Knox, Clair; McConnell, Harry; Collings, Nigel; Zimmer-Gembeck, Melanie; Donovan, Caroline L.; Testa, Chris; Storch, Eric A.; Ollendick, Thomas H. (2018-06)
      Background: D-Cycloserine has potential to enhance exposure therapy outcomes. The current study presents a preliminary randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind pilot trial of DCS-augmented one-session treatment (OST) ...
    • D-glucaric acid excretion: its positive association with gender, tobacco, caffeine, marijuana, and vegetarianism in humans 

      Kyle, Elizabeth Ellen (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1982)
      The urinary excretion of D-glucaric acid (DGA) has been used as a nonspecific measure of the induction of hepatic enzymes associated with drug metabolism in man. A survey of 124 nonmedicated men (18-56 years of age), who ...
    • D-particles on orientifolds and rational invariants 

      Lee, Seung-Joo; Yi, Piljin (Springer, 2017-07-11)
      We revisit the DO bound state problems, of the M/IIA duality, with the Orientifolds. The cases of 04 and 08 have been studied recently, from the perspective of five-dimensional theories, while the case of O0 has been much ...
    • D-Q Frame Impedance Based Small-signal Stability Analysis of PV Inverters in Distribution Grids 

      Tang, Ye (Virginia Tech, 2021-01-18)
      With development of renewable energies worldwide, power system is seeing higher penetration of Utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) farms at distributed level as well as transmission level. Power electronics converters present ...
    • D-q impedance identification in three phase systems using multi-tone perturbation 

      Zhou, Bo (Virginia Tech, 2013-05-31)
      In electric power systems, the existence of constant power loads such as output-regulated power converters may bring instability problem to AC or DC distributed systems. Impedance based stability criteria has been proven ...
    • D. Gene Egger honored with emeritus status 

      Owczarski, Mark (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2010-06-15)
      D. Gene Egger, the Patrick and Nancy Lathrop Professor of Architecture in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech, has been conferred the "professor emeritus" title by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.
    • D. Michael Denbow receives 2010 Alumni Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising 

      Greiner, Lori A. (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2010-05-04)
      D. Michael Denbow, of Blacksburg, Va., professor of animal and poultry sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech, received the university's 2010 Alumni Award for Excellence in Undergraduate ...
    • D2 dining center wins whole grains challenge 

      Dawson, Brandi (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2007-09-19)
      The Whole Grains Council and Oldways food issues advocacy group challenged restaurants and foodservice operations across the country to step up to the plate and offer more whole grain options this summer. Virginia Tech's ...
    • D2 takes home national design award 

      Gehrt, Katie (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2006-09-22)
      D2, a recently renovated dining center at Virginia Tech, has been recognized for its outstanding design in American School and University Magazine's August 2006 issue.
    • D2 wins 2006 Best Concept Award from Food Management Magazine 

      DeLauder, Rachel (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2006-02-27)
      Student Programs' Housing and Dining Services is pleased to announce that D2, Virginia Tech's international marketplace-style dining facility, has been awarded one of Food Management Magazine's 2006 Best Concept Awards for ...
    • D7 moduli stabilization: the tadpole menace 

      Bena, Iosif; Brodie, Callum; Grana, Mariana (Springer, 2022-01-25)
      D7-brane moduli are stabilized by worldvolume fluxes, which contribute to the D3-brane tadpole. We calculate this contribution in the Type IIB limit of F-theory compactifications on Calabi-Yau four-folds with a weak Fano ...
    • DACA Uncertainty May Undermine its Positive Impact on Wellbeing 

      Patler, Caitlin; Hamilton, Erin; Savinar, Robin (Center for Poverty Research, University of California, DAVIS, 2018-05-01)
      Young, undocumented Latino immigrants face many challenges in the United States. Undocumented Latino youth are less likely to graduate from high school and attend college than native-born youth and are more likely to live ...
    • DACAmented Law Students and Lawyers in the Trump Era 

      Munoz, Raquel; Zrzavy, Mara; Svajlenka, Nicole (Center for American Progress, 2018-06-07)
      Through interviews with 33 DACA recipients pursuing legal careers, this report—a collaboration between the Penn State Law Center for Immigrants’ Rights Clinic and the Center for American Progress—highlights their complex ...
    • DACS: an interactive computer program to aid in the design and analysis of linear control systems 

      Lewis, W. Ivan (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1985)
      DACS is an interactive computer program for the IBM-PC that aids in the design and analysis of linear control systems. Written in compiled basic, DACS includes Root Locus, Bode plots, Nyquist diagrams, Nichols charts, ...
    • Daily activity plan 

      Virginia Cooperative Extension Service (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1985-02)
      Lists types of various levels of activity and provides a form for keeping a daily record of physical activity.
    • Daily activity sheet 

      Virginia Cooperative Extension Service (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1985-01)
      A form used to keep a daily record of physical activity.
    • A Daily Diary Investigation of the Impact of Flexible Work Arrangements on Physical Activity Among University Staff 

      Borowski, Shelby Catherine (Virginia Tech, 2019-06-07)
      The goal of this investigation was to examine personal and environmental factors that may influence levels of daily physical activity in a sample of university staff employees who use flexible work arrangements (flextime ...
    • Daily energy-out (activity) graph 

      Virginia Cooperative Extension Service (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1989)
      A form used to graph daily physical activity.