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      Genner, Buzz (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1987)
      When a child, certain skies sharpened my vision: all their characters were reflected in my face. The Phenomena were roused. —At present, the eternal inflection of moments and the infinity of mathematics drives me through ...
    • X control charts in the presence of correlation 

      Baik, Jai Wook (Virginia Tech, 1991-03-05)
      In traditional quality control charts, fixed sampling interval (FSI) schemes are used where the time between samples has fixed intervals. More efficient methods called variable sampling interval (VSI) schemes have been ...
    • X-linked intellectual disability gene CASK regulates postnatal brain growth in a non-cell autonomous manner 

      Srivastava, Sarika; McMillan, Ryan P.; Willis, Jeffery; Clark, Helen R.; Chavan, Vrushali; Liang, Chen; Zhang, Haiyan; Hulver, Matthew W.; Mukherjee, Konark (BMC, 2016-03-31)
      The phenotypic spectrum among girls with heterozygous mutations in the X-linked intellectual disability (XLID) gene CASK (calcium/calmodulin-dependent serine protein kinase) includes postnatal microcephaly, ponto-cerebellar ...
    • X-ray absorption analysis of MCG-6-30-15: Discerning three kinematic systems 

      Holczer, T.; Behar, E.; Arav, Nahum (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2010-01)
      By analyzing the X-ray spectrum of MCG -6-30-15 obtained with the High Energy Transmission Grating (HETGS) spectrometer on board the Chandra observatory, we identify three kinematically distinct absorption systems; two ...
    • X-ray analysis of the time-softening property of a lead tin alloy 

      Weaver, Bertha H. (Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute, 1941)
      The purpose of this thesis has been the determination of the nature and cause of time-softening property of the lead-tin alloys in the solid solution range. An alloy of 19% tin, 81% lead was chosen as exhibiting the property ...
    • X-ray and neutron diffraction investigations of the structural phase transformation sequence under electric field in 0.7Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)-0.3PbTiO(3) crystal 

      Bai, Feiming; Wang, Naigang; Li, Jiefang; Viehland, Dwight D.; Gehring, Peter M.; Xu, Guangyong; Shirane, Gen (American Institute of Physics, 2004-08-01)
      The structural phase transformations of 0.7Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-0.3PbTiO(3) (PMN-30%PT) have been studied using x-ray diffraction (XRD) and neutron scattering as a function of temperature and electric field. We observe the ...
    • X-ray and XPS studies of evaporated cuxs thin-films 

      Uppal, P. N.; Burton, Larry C. (American Institute of Physics, 1983-04-01)
      The structural changes in Cu x S films have been monitored by x_ray diffraction and correlated to the chemical changes taking place on the Cu x S surface, the latter monitored by XPS. The results show: evaporated Cu x S ...
    • X-Ray Computed Tomography Observations Of Low-Noise Mixes 

      Adrien, Jerome; Carbonneau, Xavier; Lapeyronie, Vincent (2012)
      In recent years, low-noise mixes have met with considerable success, as they provide an effective response to a well-identified problem and produced effects that are directly perceptible by residents. The design of mixes ...
    • X-ray diffraction from point-like imperfection 

      He, Baoping (Virginia Tech, 1992-01-15)
      Displacement fields from point-like defects are investigated by x-ray diffraction. The atomic volume changes in the interstitial compounds using crystallographic information has been found to correlate with the size of ...
    • An x-ray diffraction method for studying small diffusion zones 

      Braski, David N. (Virginia Tech, 1965-05-03)
      An X-ray diffraction method has been developed which was able to describe the diffusion zone produced by annealing nickel plated copper specimens at 750 degrees and 850 degrees. The experimental X-ray diffraction data ...
    • X-ray diffraction study of aged copper beryllium alloys 

      Wu, Chang-Hong (Virginia Tech, 1993)
      X-ray polycrystalline diffraction techniques are used to determined the defect structure in a commercial Cu-l1.55 at. %Be-O.23 at. %Co alloy during low temperature aging. The analysis of the X-ray diffraction patterns is ...
    • X-ray diffraction study of the pressure-induced bcc-to-hcp phase transition in the highly magnetostrictive Fe0.81Ga0.19 alloy 

      Ahart, Muhtar; Devreugd, Christopher P.; Li, Jiefang; Viehland, Dwight D.; Gehring, Peter M.; Hemley, Russell J. (American Physical Society, 2013-11-07)
      High-pressure x-ray diffraction measurements were performed at room temperature on single crystals of the highly magnetostrictive alloy Fe0.81Ga0.19 (galfenol). This alloy has a bcc crystal structure at ambient pressure ...
    • X-ray diffuse scattering of one-dimensional tetracyanoplatinate salts 

      Schultz, A. J.; Stucky, G. D.; Williams, Jack M.; Koch, Timothy R.; Maffly, R. L. (Elsevier, 1977-01)
    • X-ray Grating-based Imaging - Waves Work Wonderfully 

      Wang, Ge (2008-06-17)
      Current x-ray imaging is of critical for clinical and pre-clinical applications but it is fundamentally restricted by the attenuation mechanism. X-ray grating-based imaging represents outstanding opportunities and major ...
    • X-Ray Phase-Contrast Imaging with Three 2D Gratings 

      Jiang, Ming; Wyatt, Christopher Lee; Wang, Ge (Hindawi, 2008-03-24)
      X-ray imaging is of paramount importance for clinical and preclinical imaging but it is fundamentally restricted by the attenuation-based contrast mechanism, which has remained essentially the same since Roentgen's discovery ...
    • An X-ray study of the behavior of titanium films on silicon substrates 

      Dietrich, Frank E. (Virginia Tech, 1977-06-15)
      The thin film reaction between silicon and titanium did differ from the ordinary diffusion process in bulk samples at elevated temperatures. The lower free energy monosilicide formed prior to the disilicide in bulk standards ...
    • X-ray study of the stacking fault density near the hardness maximum of the Au-Ag-Pd system 

      Pauley, Cecil Lloyd (Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1967)
      The annealed hardness of certain dental alloys has been measured and found to be in relatively good agreement with the existing hardness map. In addition, lattice parameters, stacking fault densities, and spacing change ...
    • X. J. Meng accorded Honorary Diplomate status in American College of Veterinary Microbiology 

      Douglas, Jeffrey S. (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2008-05-20)
      Dr. X. J. Meng, of Blacksburg, Va., has recently been elected as an Honorary Diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Microbiology.
    • X. J. Meng honored with Pfizer Award for Research Excellence 

      Douglas, Jeffrey S. (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2007-06-13)
      X.J. Meng, of Blacksburg, Virginia, a physician and Ph.D. virologist in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology in the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (VMRCVM) at Virginia Tech, was ...
    • X.J Meng receives Alumni Award for Research Excellence 

      Jackson, Christy (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2008-12-29)
      Dr. X.J. Meng of Blacksburg, a professor of molecular virology in the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech, recently received the university's 2008 Alumni Award for Research Excellence ...