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    • Space-Time Codes for High Data Rate Wireless Communications 

      Gozali, Ran (Virginia Tech, 2002-04-24)
      Space-time codes (STC) are a class of signaling techniques, offering coding and diversity gains along with improved spectral efficiency. These codes exploit both the spatial and the temporal diversity of the wireless link ...
    • Space-time digital holography: A three-dimensional microscopic imaging scheme with an arbitrary degree of spatial coherence 

      Indebetouw, G.; Klysubun, P. (AIP Publishing, 1999-10)
      An on-line, spatiotemporal, digital holographic method is described and demonstrated experimentally. Using interferometric imaging, each scatterer of a three-dimensional object is encoded as a temporally modulated Fresnel ...
    • Space-time Processsing for the Wideband-CDMA System 

      Zahid, Kazi (Virginia Tech, 2000-12-29)
      Deployment of antenna arrays is a very promising solution to reduce the Multiple Access Interference (MAI) from high data rate users in the Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (W-CDMA) system. Combining the antenna array ...
    • Space: Working and Living 

      Mahajan, Pankaj (Virginia Tech, 2000-06-14)

      what is architecture?

      what defines space?

      how do you define separation and integration of spaces?

      what is the relationship of human scale to space elements?

      how can architecture be ...

    • Space@VT: An emotional tie, and three strikes of lightning later 

      Nystrom, Lynn A. (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2008-09-18)
      The naysayers said it couldn't be done. But sheer determination on the part of Wayne Scales proved them wrong.
    • Spacecraft Attitude Tracking Control 

      Long, Matthew Robert (Virginia Tech, 1999-06-17)
      The problem of reorienting a spacecraft to acquire a moving target is investigated. The spacecraft is modeled as a rigid body with N axisymmetric wheels controlled by axial torques, and the kinematics are represented by ...
    • Spaces of continuous linear functionals on function spaces 

      Kundu, Subiman (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1989)
    • Spaces that encourage Communication: Design for a Public Library 

      Liang, Weihao (Virginia Tech, 2016-06-28)
      Public libraries have changed tremendously. Libraries used to be places with an organized collection of documents that people would visit and read quietly. However, with the development of digital technology, people are ...
    • SpaceShipOne pilot Brian Binnie to speak at Virginia Tech 

      Crumbley, Liz (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2005-02-02)
      Brian Binnie, the former Navy pilot who recently guided the first and last flights of the history-making civilian spacecraft SpaceShipOne, will recount the experience at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 15, in Virginia Tech's Burruss ...
    • SPAI: an interactive platform for indel analysis 

      Hasan, Mohammad Shabbir; Zhang, Liqing (BMC, 2016-08-31)
      Background: Insertions and Deletions (Indels) are the most common form of structural variation in human genome. Indels not only contribute to genetic diversity but also cause diseases. Therefore assessing indels in human ...
    • Spain’s hoteliers fear hard Brexit, hope for a deal 

      Jones, Benjamin (HNN, 2019-04-08)
      If the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without a negotiated settlement to avoid a “hard” Brexit, the Spanish hotel sector fears it will take a big hit.
    • The Spanish Influenza in Southwest Virginia, 1918-1919 

      Goatley, Rachel (Virginia Tech Department of History, 2015-05-01)
    • SPANNING Between Structure and Nature 

      Gao, Yongmei (Virginia Tech, 2005-06-13)
      The design project, a new student union building for the Virginia Tech campus is a 420-foot-long structure spanning from earth to water. Along a steel-glass bridge, three simple volumes play together to achieve the functions ...
    • The spares provisioning problem with parts inventory 

      Abboud, Nadim E. (Virginia Tech, 1990-08-02)

      In this research, we consider the spares provisioning problem, where a finite population of homogeneous machines are being deployed to meet a constant demand. While a machine is operating, it could become inoperable due ...

    • Spark on the ARC - Big data analytics frameworks on HPC clusters 

      DeYoung, Mark E.; Salman, Mohammed; Bedi, Himanshu; Raymond, David Richard; Tront, Joseph G. (ACM, 2017-07)
      In this paper we document our approach to overcoming service discovery and configuration of Apache Hadoop and Spark frameworks with dynamic resource allocations in a batch oriented Advanced Research Computing (ARC) High ...
    • The Spark that Ignites the Creative Idea: An Examination of the Group Practice of LAUNCH 

      Beck, Elizabeth Stephens (Virginia Tech, 2017-05-08)
      LAUNCH is a multi-organizational initiative led by NASA, Nike, USAID, and Department of State to seek and accelerate disruptive innovations to address intractable sustainability issues. The focus of this embedded case study ...
    • Sparks, Celebrations, and Kids: An Ethnographic Study of Writers Club 

      DeFilippo, Carol Lynne (Virginia Tech, 2009-12-17)
      This descriptive study was designed to be an in-depth, ethnographic study of an after-school Writers Club that had been part of the fabric of a metropolitan area elementary schoolâ s culture for 12 years. The purpose of ...
    • Sparse Approximate Inverses in Preconditioning Distributed Linear Systems 

      Unknown author (Department of Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 1997-07-01), TR-97-11
      Using a direct approximation of sparse matrix inverse in preconditioning is viewed as a good alternative to the preconditioning techniques that require a matrix factorization. A sparse approximate inverse is easy to compute ...
    • Sparse Matrix Belief Propagation 

      Bixler, Reid Morris (Virginia Tech, 2018-05-11)
      We propose sparse-matrix belief propagation, which executes loopy belief propagation in Markov random fields by replacing indexing over graph neighborhoods with sparse-matrix operations. This abstraction allows for seamless ...
    • Sparse-Prior-Based Projection Distance Optimization Method for Joint CT-MRI Reconstruction 

      Cui, Xuelin; Mill, Lamine; Yu, Hengyong (IEEE, 2017)
      Multimodal imaging techniques have received a great deal of attention, since their inceptions for achieving an enhanced imaging performance. In this paper, a novel joint reconstruction framework for computed tomography ...