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    • Aiding Success The Role Of Federal And State Financial Aid In Supporting California Community College Students 

      Campbell, Colleen; Cochrane, Debbie; Love, Ivy; Bruecker. Ellie (Association of Community Colleges Trustees, 2017)
      Although tuition and fees at community colleges are less expensive than in other sectors, students still struggle to cover their full cost of attendance, which totals approximately $17,000 per year. Students whose resources ...
    • Lost in the Trillion 

      Campbell, Colleen; Love, Ivy (Association of Community Colleges Trustees, 2017-05-01)
      Although default rates have decreased in recent years, community colleges still struggle to keep their rates in check: 18.5 percent of borrowers from public two-year colleges default within three years compared to the ...
    • Lost in the Trillion: A Three-State Comparison of Community College Borrowing and Default (2017) 

      Campbell, Colleen; Love, Ivy (Association of Community College Trustees, 2017-05-01)
      This report reveals surprising similarities, with some notable differences, in how community college students use federal debt repayment interventions. The report also expands the analyses performed in prior research by ...