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    • Design and Evaluation of Geometric Nonlinearities using Joined-Wing SensorCraft Flight Test Article 

      Garnand-Royo, Jeffrey Samuel (Virginia Tech, 2013-06-14)
      The Boeing Joined-Wing SenorCraft is a novel aircraft design that has many potential benefits, especially for surveillance missions. However, computational studies have shown the potential for nonlinear structural responses ...
    • The Effects of Load Ratio on Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth of Aluminum Alloys 

      Newman, John Andrew (Virginia Tech, 2000-10-17)
      The integrity of nearly all engineering structures are threatened by the presence of cracks. Structural failure occurs if a crack larger than a critical size exists. Although most well designed structures initially contain ...
    • Rdoc2vec CS4624 Project for Spring 2017 

      Cooke, Austin; Clark, Jake; Rolph, Steven; Sherrard, Stephen (Virginia Tech, 2017-04-28)
      This submission includes deliverables for the capstone project Rdoc2vec. It was created by Jake Clark, Austin Cooke, Steven Rolph, and Stephen Sherrard for their client, Eastman Chemical Corporation. Doc2Vec is a machine ...