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    • Building for the unseen 

      de la Vega, Cecilia (Virginia Tech, 2006-06-05)
      Through parallelism with characteristics of magical realism, the building is materialized by deciphering the unseen images latent in ordinary life. WAAC radio station. Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia.
    • The [sub]Urban Campus: A Typological Oxymoron 

      Abboud, Assad (Virginia Tech, 2018-07-09)
      A cluster of buildings does not a campus make. Places of learning have long sought-out cohesive spaces that foster a sense of community and encourage an immersive life of academia. The suburban campus model, with a ...
    • These Lines are Material 

      Valentine, Matthew (Virginia Tech, 2008-09-10)
      Bacchus, Vulcan and Metis walk into a bar . . .

      The following dialogues took place beginning in January of this year. In a series of investigations through drawing, physical constucts and research, the project ...