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dc.contributor.authorMachiani, Sahar Ghanipooren
dc.contributor.authorJahangiri, Arashen
dc.contributor.authorMelendez, Benjaminen
dc.contributor.authorKatthe, Anaghaen
dc.contributor.authorHasani, Mahdieen
dc.contributor.authorAhmadi, Alidaden
dc.contributor.authorMusial, Walter B.en
dc.description.abstractThis study fills the gap in the limited research on the effect of emerging Automated Vehicle (AV) technology on infrastructure standards. The main objective of this research is to evaluate implications of an innovative infrastructure solution, exclusive AV lanes, for safe and efficient integration of AVs into an existing transportation system. Examining a real-world case study, this project investigates implications of adding a narrow reversible AV exclusive lane to the existing configuration of the I-15 expressway in San Diego, resulting in a 9-foot AV reversible lane, and in both directions of travel, two 12-feet lanes for HOV and HOT vehicles. Given the difference between the operation of AVs and human-driven vehicles and reliance of AVs on sensors as opposed to human capabilities, the question is whether we can provide exclusive and narrower roadways for AVs while maintaining proper safety and mobility? To accomplish the project’s goal, the research team conducted a series of research approaches including a literature review, an AV manufacturers product review, expert interviews, a consumer questionnaire review, a crash data analysis, and a traffic simulation analysis. Recommendations and guidelines from the results of the study may be used for practitioners and professional organizations involved or interested in AV development.en
dc.publisherSAFE-D: Safety Through Disruption National University Transportation Centeren
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universalen
dc.subjectautomated vehiclesen
dc.titleSafety Impact Evaluation of a Narrow-Automated Vehicle-Exclusive Reversible Lane on an Existing Smart Freewayen

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CC0 1.0 Universal
License: CC0 1.0 Universal