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dc.contributor.authorGuerin, Rebecca J.en
dc.contributor.authorHarden, Samantha M.en
dc.contributor.authorRabin, Borsika A.en
dc.contributor.authorRohlman, Diane S.en
dc.contributor.authorCunningham, Thomas R.en
dc.contributor.authorTePoel, Megan R.en
dc.contributor.authorParish, Meganen
dc.contributor.authorGlasgow, Russell E.en
dc.identifier.citationGuerin, R.J.; Harden, S.M.; Rabin, B.A.; Rohlman, D.S.; Cunningham, T.R.; TePoel, M.R.; Parish, M.; Glasgow, R.E. Dissemination and Implementation Science Approaches for Occupational Safety and Health Research: Implications for Advancing Total Worker Health. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2021, 18, 11050.en
dc.description.abstractTotal Worker Health® (TWH), an initiative of the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, is defined as policies, programs, and practices that integrate protection from work-related health and safety hazards by promoting efforts that advance worker well-being. Interventions that apply the TWH paradigm improve workplace health more rapidly than wellness programs alone. Evidence of the barriers and facilitators to the adoption, implementation, and long-term maintenance of TWH programs is limited. Dissemination and implementation (D&I) science, the study of methods and strategies for bridging the gap between public health research and practice, can help address these system-, setting-, and worker-level factors to increase the uptake, impact, and sustainment of TWH activities. The purpose of this paper is to draw upon a synthesis of existing D&I science literature to provide TWH researchers and practitioners with: (1) an overview of D&I science; (2) a plain language explanation of key concepts in D&I science; (3) a case study example of moving a TWH intervention down the research-to-practice pipeline; and (4) a discussion of future opportunities for conducting D&I science in complex and dynamic workplace settings to increase worker safety, health, and well-being.en
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 Internationalen
dc.titleDissemination and Implementation Science Approaches for Occupational Safety and Health Research: Implications for Advancing Total Worker Healthen
dc.typeArticle - Refereeden
dc.description.versionPublished versionen
dc.title.serialInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Healthen

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
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