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  • Power device breakdown mechanism and characterization: review and perspective 

    Zhang, Ruizhe; Zhang, Yuhao (IOP Publishing, 2023-04)
    Breakdown voltage (BV) is arguably one of the most critical parameters for power devices. While avalanche breakdown is prevailing in silicon and silicon carbide devices, it is lacking in many wide bandgap (WBG) and ultra-wide ...
  • Recent progress of Ga2O3 power technology: large-area devices, packaging and applications 

    Qin, Yuan; Wang, Zhengpeng; Sasaki, Kohei; Ye, Jiandong; Zhang, Yuhao (IOP Publishing, 2023-06)
    Benefitted from progress on the large-diameter Ga2O3 wafers and Ga2O3 processing techniques, the Ga2O3 power device technology has witnessed fast advances toward power electronics applications. Recently, reports on large-area ...
  • CPES Annual Report 2023 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2023)
    The CPES Annual Report includes research projects, alumni, honors and achievements and publications conducted over the prior year.
  • Vertical GaN diode BV maximization through rapid TCAD simulation and ML-enabled surrogate model 

    Lu, Albert; Marshall, Jordan; Wang, Yifan; Xiao, Ming; Zhang, Yuhao; Wong, Hiu Yung (Pergamon-Elsevier Science, 2022-12)
    In this paper, two methodologies are used to speed up the maximization of the breakdown voltage (BV) of a vertical GaN diode that has a theoretical maximum BV of -2100 V. Firstly, we demonstrated a 5X faster accurate ...
  • Global Intergrid for Sustainable Energy Abundance 

    Boroyevich, Dushan; Cvetkovic, Igor; Dong, Dong (IEEE Power Electronics Society, 2022-06-04)
    Invited Poster for Session on Brainstorming for Game-Changing Ideas.
  • Multidimensional device architectures for efficient power electronics 

    Zhang, Yuhao; Udrea, Florin; Wang, Han (Springer Nature, 2022-11-17)
    Power semiconductor devices are key to delivering high-efficiency energy conversion in power electronics systems, which is critical in efforts to reduce energy loss, cut carbon dioxide emissions and create more sustainable ...
  • Present and Future of DC Circuit Breakers for HVDC Grids 

    Davidson, Colin; Grieshaber, Wolfgang; Modeer, Tomas; Smith, David; Yang, Bing; Yu, Zhanqing; Zhang, Richard (IEEE, 2023-11-15)
  • Design of a 10 kV SiC MOSFET-based high-density, high-efficiency, modular medium-voltage power converter 

    Mocevic, Slavko; Yu, Jianghui; Fan, Boran; Sun, Keyao; Xu, Yue; Stewart, Joshua; Rong, Yu; Song, He; Mitrovic, Vladimir; Yan, Ning; Wang, Jun; Cvetkovic, Igor; Burgos, Rolando; Boroyevich, Dushan; DiMarino, Christina; Dong, Dong; Motwani, Jayesh Kumar; Zhang, Richard (IEEE, 2022-03)
    Simultaneously imposed challenges of high-voltage insulation, high dv/dt, high-switching frequency, fast protection, and thermal management associated with the adoption of 10 kV SiC MOSFET, often pose nearly insurmountable ...
  • Role of power electronics in Grid 3.0 

    Zhang, Richard (IEEE, 2022-12)
  • A SiC-Based Liquid-Cooled Electric Vehicle Traction Inverter Operating at High Ambient Temperature 

    Zhang, Chi; Srdic, Srdjan; Lukic, Srdjan; Wang, Jun; Burgos, Rolando (China Power Supply Society, 2022-06-30)
    This paper describes the design process of a high-power-density 100 kW (34 kW/L) traction inverter for electric vehicles, operating at an ambient temperature of 105 °C. A detailed thermal analysis is performed based on the ...
  • CPES Annual Report 2022 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2022)
    This book aims to be a comprehensive record of the Center’s accomplishments during the year 2021.
  • Center Program Snapshot 

    Lee, Fred C.; Boroyevich, Dushan (Virginia Tech, 2009-04)
    This book provides a comprehensive introduction to CPES research, education,and outreach.
  • CPES Annual Report 2021 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2021)
    This book is a comprehensive record of the center’s accomplishments during the year 2020.
  • CPES Annual Report 2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2020)
    This CPES Annual Report provides a quick insight to the Center's research efforts in 2020.
  • Superjunction Power Transistors With Interface Charges: A Case Study for GaN 

    Ma, Yunwei; Xiao, Ming; Zhang, Ruizhe; Wang, Han; Zhang, Yuhao (2019-12-13)
    Recent progress in p-GaN trench-filling epitaxy has shown promise for the demonstration of GaN superjunction (SJ) devices. However, the presence of n-type interface charges at the regrowth interfaces has been widely observed. ...
  • CPES Annual Report 2019 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Center for Power Electronics Systems, 2019)
    In its effort to develop power processing systems to take electricity to the next step, CPES has cultivated research expertise encompassing five technology areas: (1) power conversion technologies and architectures; (2) ...
  • Structural Resemblance Between Droop Controllers and Phase-Locked Loops 

    Zhong, Qing-Chang; Boroyevich, Dushan (IEEE, 2016)
    It is well known that droop control is fundamental to the operation of power systems and now the parallel operation of inverters, while phase-locked loops (PLLs) are widely adopted in modern electrical engineering. In this ...
  • Two-stage multichannel LED driver with CLL resonant circuit 

    Electrical and Computer Engineering; Center for Power Electronics Systems; Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.; Li, Qiang; Lee, Fred C.; Chen, Xuebing; Huang, Daocheng (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2017-01-10)
    In a two-stage power converter providing voltage regulation in a first stage, zero voltage switching (ZVS) is provided in switches in an unregulated, constant frequency second stage of a two-stage power converter by an ...
  • Method and apparatus for driving a power device 

    Electrical and Computer Engineering; Center for Power Electronics Systems; Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.; Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North American, Inc.; Wang, Chi-Ming; Shin, Jongwon; Ngo, Khai D. (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2016-12-27)
    Aspects of the disclosure provide a circuit for driving a power switch. The circuit includes a first circuit configured to provide a charging current to charge a control terminal of the power switch, a second circuit ...
  • Parallel devices having balanced switching current and power 

    Electrical and Computer Engineering; Center for Power Electronics Systems; Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.; Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North American, Inc.; Wang, Chi-Ming; Mao, Yincan; Miao, Zichen; Ngo, Khai D. (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2018-10-30)
    A power circuit includes a power source for providing electrical power and two driving transistors being disposed in parallel and receiving electrical power from the power source. Each of the two driving transistors includes ...

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