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    • 2008 Faculty Work-Life Survey 

      Virginia Tech. Center for Survey Research (Virginia Tech, 2008-09-22)
      This survey is being administered in order to help improve the climate for faculty members at Virginia Tech. Aggregate data from the survey will be shared with deans, department heads, and others in order to promote ...
    • Advance VT Newsletter, November 2017 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2017-11)
      Occasional newsletters highlight AdvanceVT programs, events, and research findings.
    • ADVANCE: Making a Difference at Virginia Tech 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2005-05-13)
      The goals of AdvanceVT are to raise visibility of women leaders across campus, select a small group of senior women faculty from across campus based on interest and potential to move into leadership roles, develop an ...
    • AdvanceVT 2008 Faculty Work-Life Survey Findings 

      Virginia Tech. Commission on Equal Opportunity and Diversity (Virginia Tech, 2009-05-04)
      AdvanceVT Overview:

      - AdvanceVT began in 2003 with a five year grant from the National Science Foundation to increase the number and success of women faculty in the sciences and engineering

      - Focus ...
    • AdvanceVT Annual Workshop : Summary Report : 2004-2010 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2010-11-23)
      Since 2004, AdvanceVT has hosted an annual workshop geared toward advancing diversity at Virginia Tech. Throughout the evolution of this initiative, feedback from the workshops has been overwhelmingly positive and the ...
    • AdvanceVT Leadership Development Programs : Final Assessment 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2010-11)
      Each academic year from 2004-05 through 2007-08, AdvanceVT offered faculty women opportunities to develop leadership skills and to enhance their visibility in the university. Among respondents to AdvanceVT’s 2005 Faculty ...
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: April 2004 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2004-04)
      Inside this issue: Congratulations to AdvanceVT Graduate Fellows; Congratulations to AdvanceVT Leadership Fellows; Tenure Track Women Faculty in Science; Tenure Track Women Faculty in Engineering; Virginia Tech Science ...
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: April 2005 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2005-04)
      Inside this issue: Graduate Student and Post-Doc Luncheon Applying for an Academic Position; Family Friendly Policies; Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Creamer; The Changing Faculty Workforce; The University of California ...
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: April 2006 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2006-04)
      Inside this issue: Upcoming Events - Spring 2006; National Science Foundation Site Visit; 2006-2007 AdvanceVT Seed Grant Recipients; 2006-2007 AdvanceVT Seed Grant Recipients, Continued; 2006-2007 AdvanceVT Ph.D. Fellows; ...
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: December 2006 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2006-12)
      Inside this issue: Upcoming Events - Winter & Spring 2007; 4th Annual Advancing Women at Virginia Tech Conference; AAUP Report: Faculty Gender Equity Indicators 2006; Society of Women Engineers’ Traveling Exhibit Petticoats ...
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: February 2006 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2006-02)
      Inside this issue: Upcoming Events - Spring 2006; 2005 Faculty Survey: Work-Life Issues; More AdvanceVT Funding Opportunities; Spring Search Committees; AdvanceVT Seed Grant Recipient: Dr. Linsey Marr
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: January 2005 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2005-01)
      Inside this issue: AdvanceVT Distinguished Lectures Spring 2005; Male and Female Second Year Science & Engineering Faculty Year 1 in Retrospect: "Laying the Foundation"; Virginia Tech Tenure Track Faculty by Rank and Gender, ...
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: January 2006 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2006-01)
      Inside this issue: Upcoming Events - Winter & Spring 2006; AdvanceVT Teams up with Multicultural Affairs for 3rd Annual Conference; Keynote Address - Dr. Robert Jones; Virginia Tech Faculty Work-Life Survey: Work-Life ...
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: March 2004 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2004-03)
      Inside this issue: Funding for Visiting Scholars; AdvanceVT Visiting Scholar; Child Care Survey Update; Women Science and Engineering Faculty Nationwide, by Rank; Doctoral Degrees Earned by Women in U.S. Institutions, by ...
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: March 2005 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2005-03)
      Inside this issue: Upcoming Events - Spring 2005; AdvanceVT Awards Committee; AdvanceVT Leadership Development Program 2005 Cohort; 2005 Research Seed Grant Recipients
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: March 2007 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2007-03)
      Inside this issue: Upcoming Events - Spring 2007; Elements of the Work Environment that Contribute to the Ability of STEM Faculty to Manage Work-Life Tensions; National Science Foundation Data on Women, Minorities and ...
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: November 2004 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2004-11)
      Inside this issue: Upcoming Event: Advancing Women at Virginia Tech; New Full-Time, Tenure Track Faculty by Gender; Women Professors at Virginia Tech Fall 2004; College and Department Endowed Professorships & Chairs, June ...
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: November 2005 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2005-11)
      Inside this issue: Upcoming Events - Fall & Winter 2005-06; AdvanceVT Seed Grant Recipient: Dr. Julie Dunsmore; AdvanceVT: New, New, New!; Virginia Tech Faculty Work-Life Survey: An Interview with Elizabeth Creamer; 2006 ...
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: October 2004 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2004-10)
      Inside this issue: October Events Calendar; Dual-Career Hire Study Results; Congratulations to Karen Thole; Funding Opportunities; Visiting Scholars
    • AdvanceVT Newsletter: October 2005 

      AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2005-10)
      Inside this issue: Upcoming Events - Fall 2005; Dual Career Hiring Update; Child Care Committee Update; AdvanceVT Research Seed Grant Recipient: Dr. Naira Hovakimyan; Virginia Tech Faculty Profiles