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    • Feeding America Southwest Virginia 

      Bailey, Bradley; Dotson, Sarah; Feng, Susan; Han, Lance; Kelly, Sean; Shepherd, Hunter (2013-05-18)
      As a result of our course work we have made a fully functional website that is ready to be moved over to FASWVA’s host and made live. Additionally, we have completed a Virtual Food Drive. A Virtual Food Drive is a way for ...
    • FFMPEG on the IBM Cloud 

      Ishairzay, Rishi; De, Puloma; Hwang, Andrew (2012-05-06)
      This module aims to introduce FFMPEG to students in a linux environment (IBM Cloud)
    • FlickrIDR: A web-based multimodal search interface based on SuperIDR 

      Kaplan, Jim; Overstrom, Martin; Fields, E. Kaslin (2013-09-28)
      In many educational fields, it is important to be able to recognize by sight, such as identifying a fish’s species in wildlife sciences. To develop these types of skills, it is important to be able to look at databases ...
    • Focused Crawling 

      Farag, Mohamed Magdy Gharib; Khan, Mohammed Saquib Akmal; Mishra, Gaurav; Ganesh, Prasad Krishnamurthi; Collins, Wil; Dickerson, Will (Virginia Tech, 2012-12-11)
      Finding information on the WWW is a difficult and challenging task because of the extremely large volume of content in the WWW. Search engines can be used to facilitate this task, but it is still difficult to cover all the ...
    • Food Safety 100 Game 

      Singh, Avneet; Tatarka, Evan (2013-05-15)
      The Virginia Tech Food Safety Game will allow for the users or the new dining employees to learn about food safety in an interactive and more engaging way. The employees will be able to play this game on a personal or a ...
    • Giles Animal Rescue Project 

      Yoshida, Junko (2015-05-14)
      Our clients, Christine Link-Owens and Helen Gillespie have asked us to upgrade and modify their website at They have been maintaining a Drupal website with the help of previous Virginia Tech ...
    • Giles County Animal Rescue 

      Parsons, Amber; Myrick, Gregory (2013-05-18)
      Giles County Animal Rescue is a volunteer organization located in Giles County, Virginia. This group of volunteers assists the Giles County Animal Shelter in placing animals in homes. They also campaign for awareness of ...
    • Grickit Movie Decision Project 

      Long, Michael; Vuong, William (2015-05-14)
      This project focused on Grickit, the Movie Decision Making tool created by William Vuong and Michael Long with the guidance of Dr. Steven D. Sheetz, the client. The final report has three main sections: the user’s manual, ...
    • Group1- ADS Photo & Video 

      Martyres, Christopher; Pero, Robert; Dave, Shashwat; Kasireddy, Rithvik (2012-05-02)
      The files included showcase our work done on the ADS Photo & Video project that we undertook for the Virginia Tech Adult Day Services organization. We created written and video tutorials for them to assist them in accomplishing ...
    • ICAT North Cross Exhibit 

      Goodrich, Sean; Stefan, Zack; Kodres-O'Brien, Benjamin (2016-04-28)
      For eight days in mid-March, Virginia Tech's Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) held a camp for two hundred children from age 3 to the 5th grade at North Cross School in Roanoke, Virginia. The purpose ...
    • IDEAL Pages 

      Aly, Mustafa; Gulotta, Gasper (2014-05-09)
      The purpose of this project was to simplify the process of unzipping web archive files, parsing them, and indexing them into a Solr instance. These tasks are only a subset of tasks that are part of a greater project called ...
    • IDEAL Tweet Collection Categorization 

      Won, Stephen (Virginia Tech, 2016-04-28)
      The major goal of the Event Based Categorization of Tweet Collections project is to help the IDEAL team to access tweet collections easily. Categorizing over 1,000 collections will aid organization, browsing, searching, ...
    • IDEALvr Word Cloud: IDEAL Data Visualization using Virtual Reality 

      Biondi, Luciano; Walker, Omavi; Yeshiwas, Dagmawi (2016-05-01)
      This report (including code) provides an explanation of the implementation of the IDEALvr application and an analysis of the methodology to create the system. The methods of implementation include 3D virtualization onto ...
    • IDRgeneralization: Music Appreciation 

      Hanes, Karen; Shorland, Iain (2013-05-18)
      When instructors teach courses, they break up the material into components. The students need to fully understand these components in order to understand the entire course. This concept led Uma Murthy to create the SuperIDR. ...
    • KindaRight 

      Lopez-Gomez, Austin; Singh, Divit (2014-05-08)
      Concept: KindaRight is a collaborative, open network for artists of all disciplines. We emphasize collaboration between artists of all disciplines because we firmly believe that art comes from inspiration, and inspiration ...
    • LectureCapture 

      Elliott, Patrick; Herzer, Brian (2012-05-02)
      The following problem was addressed by our project: How can we easily visualize the content of a body of text without manually analyzing its content? The initial goal was to be able to visualize captioned college lectures, ...
    • Library Projects - Secure Streaming 

      Kania, Robert; Gusukuma, Luke (2012-05-02)
      The main purpose of this project was to find a secure streaming solution for audio files within the VT Library, specifically regarding the recital collection audio files that were donated by the Department of Music. Within ...
    • Lincoln In Our Time: Online Museum Exhibition Website 

      Bissell, Cate; Foster, Grant; Langlotz, Bryce; Krzeski, Kyle (2015-05-14)
      Commemorating the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies presented a series of programs, including a 2-day symposium of internationally-renowned scholars and a ...
    • LucidWorks Vectorize Module for the Digital Library Curriculum Initiative 

      Kniphuisen, David; Tran, Alan (2013-05-18)
      The goal of our project was to create a learning module for students who are interested in converting a large number of documents of data into a usable form for machine learning, information retrieval, and related purposes. ...
    • Mathematics Education Recruitment Video 

      May, Daniel; Gates, Greg; Zhang, Jeff (2012-05-02)
      This video was created to help recruit graduate students for the Mathematics Education program at Virginia Tech.