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    • Dynamic Optimizations of Irregular Applications on Many-core Architectures (CS Seminar Lecture Series) 

      Parton, Eric; Zehr, David; Wellington, Jake; Zhang, Zheng (2012-03-02)
      Enhancing the match between software executions and hardware features is key to computing efficiency in terms of both performance and energy consumption. The match is constantly complicated by emerging architecture features ...
    • Virginia Techniques Gymnastics Promotional Video Project 

      Galligan, Rachael; Thumann, Lauren; Oatneal, Germond; Lopez, Blaise (2012-04-30)
      This project contains seven different videos. Two for the preschool programs offered, three for the instructional programs, and two for the open gyms. Each video contains clips of the specified class in action showing ...
    • OpenDSA Mergesort Visualization and Exercise 

      Breakiron, Daniel (2012-05-02)
      This is a snapshot of the OpenDSA project taken to exemplify the work done on mergesort-av.html and mergesort-proficiency.html as part of a semester-long project for CS-4624 Multimedia / Hypertext. More information about ...
    • VTechWorks Interface Proposal and Prototype for Media Records 

      Dockery, Brandon; Battersby, Kevin; Steele, Christopher (2012-05-02)
      This project is a prototype/proposal for how to present media (particularly) records in VTechWorks. It must be placed on a webserver to run, with its file structure preserved. It provides an AJAX prototype of VTechWorks ...
    • Library Projects - Secure Streaming 

      Kania, Robert; Gusukuma, Luke (2012-05-02)
      The main purpose of this project was to find a secure streaming solution for audio files within the VT Library, specifically regarding the recital collection audio files that were donated by the Department of Music. Within ...
    • LectureCapture 

      Elliott, Patrick; Herzer, Brian (2012-05-02)
      The following problem was addressed by our project: How can we easily visualize the content of a body of text without manually analyzing its content? The initial goal was to be able to visualize captioned college lectures, ...
    • Group1- ADS Photo & Video 

      Martyres, Christopher; Pero, Robert; Dave, Shashwat; Kasireddy, Rithvik (2012-05-02)
      The files included showcase our work done on the ADS Photo & Video project that we undertook for the Virginia Tech Adult Day Services organization. We created written and video tutorials for them to assist them in accomplishing ...
    • Mathematics Education Recruitment Video 

      May, Daniel; Gates, Greg; Zhang, Jeff (2012-05-02)
      This video was created to help recruit graduate students for the Mathematics Education program at Virginia Tech.
    • Apple Ridge Farms Corporate Retreat Video 

      Vernon, Tyler; Dallachie, Charles; Mykich, Andrew; Duval, Matthew (2012-05-03)
      Apple Ridge Farms, a NPO in the Roanoke area, sponsors an academic summer camp for underprivileged youths in the Roanoke area. They also host corporate retreats and other events on their grounds in the off-season. They ...
    • Upward Bound and Talent Search Video 

      Srivastava, Arunima; Muralidhar, Nikhil (2012-05-03)
      Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search are both national programs housed at Virginia Tech to encourage and assist high school students in college admission preparation. This project was assigned with the goal of updating ...
    • Carilion Case Simulator Project 

      Rajasekaran, Vikram; Goldberg, Aaron; Murphy, Ryan (2012-05-03)
    • Boy Scout Medical Record System for Blue Ridge Mountain Council 

      Kurlak, John; Whelan, Pat; Greer, Zack; De La Barra, Mauricio (2012-05-03)
      For this semester project, our team decided to partner with the Boy Scouts of America in Pulaski County. Our coordinator, Gregory W. Harmon, works for the Boy Scouts and manages all of their camping facilities. Since ...
    • Valley Interfaith Child Care Center CMS 

      Kramolisch, Andrew; Mack, Nate (2012-05-04)
      The project consisted of revamping Valley Interfaith Child Care Center's website to be more modern and feature media. The goal was to cater to two diverse audiences: the families that needed their services and the investors ...
    • AnimalRescue 

      Schneier, Neal; Highman, Zachary (2012-05-04)
    • Save the Penguins 

      Avant, Joey; Merryman, David (2012-05-06)
      The purpose of this project was to create a promotional video for Studio STEM's after school 'Save the Penguins' program. This program was created to get middle school aged students interested in critical thinking and ...
    • FFMPEG on the IBM Cloud 

      Ishairzay, Rishi; De, Puloma; Hwang, Andrew (2012-05-06)
      This module aims to introduce FFMPEG to students in a linux environment (IBM Cloud)
    • Catawba Multimedia Website 

      White, Aleksi; Dancy, Zac (2012-05-07)
      The website for the Catawba Sustainability Center (CSC) was in its infancy, and it needed to be expanded with descriptions for onsite land demonstrations, showcases for student and faculty projects, and spotlights of the ...
    • Disaster Video Gallery Project 

      Fesseha, ZeleAlem (2012-05-10)
      The goal of this project was to collect YouTube videos for carefully selected events. The videos were manually collected and verified to be relevant to the specific events. The collection together with short description ...
    • Focused Crawling 

      Farag, Mohamed Magdy Gharib; Khan, Mohammed Saquib Akmal; Mishra, Gaurav; Ganesh, Prasad Krishnamurthi; Collins, Wil; Dickerson, Will (Virginia Tech, 2012-12-11)
      Finding information on the WWW is a difficult and challenging task because of the extremely large volume of content in the WWW. Search engines can be used to facilitate this task, but it is still difficult to cover all the ...
    • Virginia eSports Association Video Project 

      Simonarson, Sigurdur; Case, Sean (YouTube, 2013-05)
      The Virginia eSports Association (VeSPA) held a League of Legends tournament from January 27 - February 12, 2013 called The Hokie Grail. The tournament consisted of 24 teams, and over 75 games were played with over $1000 ...