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    • 5SL: A Language for Declarative Specification and Generation of Digital Libraries 

      Goncalves, Marcos A.; Fox, Edward A. (2002-07-01)
      Digital Libraries (DLs) are among the most complex kinds of information systems, due in part to their intrinsic multi-disciplinary nature. Nowadays DLs are built within monolithic, tightly integrated, and generally inflexible ...
    • The Academy: A Community of Information Retrieval Agents 

      France, Robert K. (1994-09-06)
      We commonly picture text as a sequence of words; or alternatively as a sequence of paragraphs, each of which is composed of a sequence of sentences, each of which is itself a sequence of words. It is also worth noting that ...
    • Apache Solr: Indexing and Searching 

      Sethi, Iccha; Aslan, Serdar; Fox, Edward A. (2010-10-26)
      This module addresses the basic concepts of the open source Apache Solr platform that is specifically designed for indexing documents and executing searches.
    • Application Software 

      Yang, Seungwon (2009-10-07)
      This module covers commonly used application software, which are specifically designed for the creation and development of digital library (DL) systems and similar types of collections and services, such as open access archives.
    • ArchiveSpark - MS Independent Study Final Submission 

      Galad, Andrej (Virginia Tech, 2016-12-13)
      This project expands upon the work at the Internet Archive of researcher Vinay Goel and of Jefferson Bailey (co-PI on two NSF-funded collaborative projects with Virginia Tech: IDEAL, GETAR) on the ArchiveSpark project - a ...
    • Audacity 1.3 

      Brown, Chris (2011-05-01)
      This module covers the use of Audacity 1.3 hosted on an IBM Cloud Instance. Topics covered include accessing and running Audacity, and manipulating audio files such as splitting, copying, pasting, merging, and exporting.
    • Bringing Your Library into View 

      Wildemuth, Barbara M. (2007-10-01)
      This presentation illustrates libraries' roles in meeting end-users' information needs, such as supporting information use and re-use, creating new information objects, and supporting research and learning.
    • Building Digital Libraries Made Easy: Toward Open Digital Libraries 

      Fox, Edward A.; Suleman, Hussein; Luo, Ming (2002)
      Digital libraries (DLs) promote a sharing culture among those who contribute and those who use resources. This same approach works when building Open Digital Libraries (ODLs). Leveraging the intellectual and practical ...
    • Building Interoperable Digital Libraries: A Practical Guide to Creating Open Archives 

      Suleman, Hussein (2001)
      This presentation discusses the development of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), metadata harvesting, digital library interoperability, the National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), and more.
    • Building Interoperable Digital Libraries: A Practical Guide to Creating Open Archives 

      Suleman, Hussein (2002)
      This presentation focuses on the system architecture and history of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI). It discusses OAI case studies and the requirements to be an OAI data provider.
    • Building the CODER Lexicon: The Collins English Dictionary and its Adverb Definitions 

      Fox, Edward A.; Wohlwend, Robert C.; Sheldon, Phyllis R.; Chen, Qi-Fan; France, Robert K. (1986-10-01)
      The CODER (COmposite Document Expert/extended/effective Retrieval) project is an investigation of the applicability of artificial intelligence techniques to the information retrieval task of analyzing, storing, and retrieving ...
    • CLUTO Toolkit 

      Vijay, Sony; El Meligy Abdelhamid, Sherif; Malayattil, Sarosh (2010-10-21)
      The module briefly introduces the basic concepts of Clustering. The primary focus of the module is to describe the usage of CLUTO, a clustering Toolkit, comprised of various algorithms.
    • Co-located Collaboration on a Large, High-Resolution Display 

      Vogt, Katherine; North, Chris; Andrews, Christopher; Endert, Alex (2010)
      Few have studied co-located collaboration, let alone co-located collaboration and the sensemaking process. Here, we define co-located collaboration as multiple users working on the same display. Intelligence analysts often ...
    • Collaborative Research: Curriculum Development for Digital Library Education 

      Fox, Edward A.; Yang, Seungwon; Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Pomerantz, Jeffrey P.; Oh, Sanghee (2006-05-01)
      This presentation provides an update on the Digital Library Curriculum Development project, including its development and evaluation plan, project timeline, and emerging objectives.
    • Conceptual Frameworks, Models, Theories, and Definitions 

      Fox, Edward A. (2011-05-11)
      This module introduces several conceptual modules characterizing the digital library domain. Students will be provided with a high level yet comprehensive knowledge of several conceptual frameworks and models, a unifying ...
    • The Core: Digital Library Education in Library and Information Science Programs 

      Pomerantz, Jeffrey P.; Oh, Sanghee; Yang, Seungwon; Fox, Edward A.; Wildemuth, Barbara M. (Corporation for National Research Initiatives, 2006-11-01)
      This paper identifies the "state of the art" in digital library education in Library and Information Science programs, by identifying the readings that are assigned in digital library courses and the topics of these readings. ...
    • Crawling 

      Fox, Edward A.; Khandeparker, Ashwin S. (2012-11-28)
      This module covers the basic concepts of Web crawling, policies, techniques and how these can be applied to Digital Libraries.
    • Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network (CTRnet) 

      Fox, Edward A. (2009-09-14)
      This poster provides an overview of the Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network (CTRnet). The objectives of CTRnet are to build a digital library and preserve information (in various formats like HTML, images, videos, etc.) ...
    • Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network Digital Library (CTRnet) 

      Chitturi, Kiran; Fox, Edward A. (2013-01-10)
      This presentation outlines the goals of the Crisis, Tragedy and Recovery Network (CTRnet) project. These goals include researching the problems of integrating content, community, services related to crisis, tragedies, and ...
    • Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network Digital Library (CTRnet) + Web Archiving in Qatar and VT 

      Fox, Edward A.; Yang, Seungwon; CTRnet Team (2013-07-01)
      This presentation describes the Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network's digital library development and web archiving activities in Qatar and Virginia Tech. The presentation covers project goals, archiving tasks, dissemination ...