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    • Brain Computer Interfaces and ASD Treatment 

      Gracanin, Denis (2012-10-12)
      Denis Gracanin, from the computer science department, proposed research in the use of brain computer interface devices as help with social and health aspects of autism spectrum disorders, with the goal of developing a ...
    • Carilion Clinic Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 

      Adams, Felicity (2012-10-12)
      Dr. Felicity Adams describes the child psychiatry training program at Carilion, including treatments for children with autism spectrum disorders and a trial of memantine. Dr. Adams explains future research interests in HPA ...
    • Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of ASD 

      Lee, Yong Woo (2012-10-12)
      Yong Woo Lee describes the role of inflammation in disease and the pathophysiological mechanisms of ASD, and suggests multidisciplinary autism research into the efficacy of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory drugs as ...
    • Center for Autism Research Conference Flyer 

      Virginia Tech (2012-08-14)
      This is the flyer for the Center for Autism Research Conference held at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute on August 15, 2012. The flyer describes the program idea, the purpose of the conference, presenters and ...
    • Cognition, Affect, and Psychophysiology Lab at Virginia Tech 

      Bell, Martha Ann (2012-10-12)
      Martha Ann Bell in the department of psychology describes how research into typical childhood development informs the study of atypical development, and a psychobiological conceptual framework and its applications to the ...
    • Emotion socialization and socio-emotional development 

      Dunsmore, Julie C. (2012-10-12)
      Julie Dunsmore of the social development lab discussed family attitudes toward emotion and emotional communication, child outcomes, and relevant research findings, and suggests applying basic developmental research to ...
    • Emotional and Social Functioning in ASD 

      Scarpa, Angela (2012-10-12)
      The slides describe potential areas of research related to Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), especially those areas involving emotional and social functioning. A clinical program for stress and anger management (STAMP) is ...
    • Family Process - Autism Spectrum Disorders 

      Benson, Mark (2012-10-12)
      Slides for a talk about family process and the importance of parenting dimensions in adolescent development. The slides list findings to date, and propose research into the influence of family on outcomes for those diagnosed ...
    • Modeling for controlled oral drug delivery 

      Achenie, Luke E. K. (2012-10-12)
      Presented by Luke Achenie at the Center for Autism Research Conference. Describes research in drug release profiles for oral medications, and suggests developing a complete pharmacokinetic model. Achenie requests collaborators ...
    • Science of Team Science 

      Foti, Roseanne J. (2012-10-12)
      Psychology researcher Roseanne J. Foti, Ph.D., describes the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of effective teams and proposes collaborating in the creation and evaluation of science teams at the Center for Autism Research.
    • Searching for quantitative biomarkers of ASD using computational approaches and rapid assessment fMRI 

      Kishida, Kenneth T. (2012-10-12)
      Kenneth Kishida, a research scientist at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, proposes the use of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging assays for classifying neural subtypes of children with autism spectrum disorders.
    • The Role of Microsatellite Variation in Cancer: New Technological Approaches for Biomarker Discovery from Within Our Genomic Repetitive DNA And extensions to Autism 

      Garner, Skip (2012-10-12)
      Skip Garner, director of the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, describes the role of microsatellites as potential biomarkers for cancer and suggests that the research approach could be extended to find biomarkers for autism risk.
    • Toward neurobehavioral metrics of social function: Examples from autism 

      Chiu, Pearl (2012-10-12)
      Pearl Chiu, researcher at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, describes the use of behavioral economic games and functional magnetic resonance imaging in the exploration of social symptoms of autism and lists ...
    • VA Tech services for students with disabilities and research collaboration 

      Hudson, Robyn (2012-10-12)
      Robyn Hudson, Assistant Director at the Virginia Tech office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) describes issues for Virginia Tech students with autism spectrum disorders, and available services for those ...
    • Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research 

      Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research (2012-10-12)
      These slides serve as a welcome for the Autism Research Conference held at Virginia Tech on August 15 2012. The slides describe symptoms and prevalence of autism spectrum disorders, list goals for the proposed Center for ...
    • Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research - Susan White perspective 

      White, Susan (2012-10-12)
      Highlights of the autism research of Susan White, Psychology professor and the co-director of the VT Autism clinic, are explained. Topics include anxiety, treatment development, ASD in adults, and biomarker pursuit. Fit ...
    • Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research - Tina Savla perspective 

      Savla, Tina (2012-10-12)
      This work describes the research perspective of Tina Savla, Center for Gerentology and Department of Human Development. The primary area of research is caregiving and its relationship to stress, including behavioral, ...
    • Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research Conference - Bruce Friedman perspective 

      Friedman, Bruce H. (2012-10-12)
      Bruce Friedman, director of the Mind-Body Lab at Virginia Tech, describes neurophysiological models of anxiety and the psychophysiological approach for non-invasive assessment of autonomic activity in autism.
    • Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research Conference - John Richey perspective 

      Richey, John A. (2012-10-12)
      John Richey from the department of psychology described research in the functional macrocircuitry of social learning and emotion regulation, and findings related to autism spectrum disorders.