Recent Submissions

  • Boiling Down Qualitative Data to Build Personas that Inform Spaces, Services, and Technologies 

    Hall, Monena; Strub, Maurini (ACRL, 2017)
    Personas are archetypes of user needs, wants, goals, and desires that allow for empathetic design of virtual and physical spaces and services. Commonly created using assumption-based methods, this recipe focuses on in-person ...
  • Learning From our Members: A MAE Approach, 

    Hall, Monena; Horowitz, Lisa R.; Lewis, Janice S. (American Library Association, 2014)
  • Using Undergraduates to Improve the Library 

    Hall, Monena; Assir, Rashad (2014-06)
    As Virginia Tech University Libraries transition public spaces to more user-focused, service oriented, collaborative spaces, we found it imperative to determine how students use available space, and to develop methods of ...
  • Virginia Tech Assessment Showcase 2015: Day 2 

    Filip, Jessica; Hall, Monena; Fritsch, Laurie (2015-02-10)
    University Libraries partnered with the Office of Assessment to hold the Virginia Tech 2015 Assessment Showcase for the entire university.
  • Assessing Student Needs Through Discovery 

    Hall, Monena; Lancaster, Charla; Mathews, Brian (2013-04-23)
    Discovery Teams were created to boost the Library’s R&D effort. Annually, University Libraries at Virginia Tech will collectively explore a theme through hands-on experience. For Spring 2012 the topic was: The Learning ...
  • Developing Teaching Proficiencies for New Instructors Through a Learning Community 

    Hall, Tracy Michelle; Barb, Christopher; Gilmore, Tracy; Hall, Monena; Henshaw, Neal; Lawrence, Anne; Meier, Carolyn; Miller, Rebecca K.; Moyo, Lesley; Munson, Jennifer M.; Ogier, Andrea; Thum, Sara (2013-02-06)
  • Changing Perspective by Providing the Unexpected 

    Hall, Tracy Michelle; Hall, Monena (2013-04-05)
    In recent years, much research has been done on the changing roles of the library in the academy, focusing heavily on the revitalization brought about by rapid technological trends, information literacy, and overall changing ...
  • Discovery Teams: Summary 

    Hall, Monena; Mathews, Brian (2012-10-19)
    In February 2012 Brian Mathews, Associate Dean for Learning and Outreach, put together a proposal to boost the Library’s research and development efforts and gather insight into students’ potential desires concerning ...
  • Virginia Tech University Libraries: Discovery Team 8: Group Collaboration 

    Thompson, Cheryl; Goldbeck DeBose, Kyrille; Hall, Monena; Nardine, Jennifer; Walters, Therese (2012-08-07)