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    • X-ray and XPS studies of evaporated cuxs thin-films 

      Uppal, P. N.; Burton, Larry C. (American Institute of Physics, 1983-04-01)
      The structural changes in Cu x S films have been monitored by x_ray diffraction and correlated to the chemical changes taking place on the Cu x S surface, the latter monitored by XPS. The results show: evaporated Cu x S ...
    • X-Ray Phase-Contrast Imaging with Three 2D Gratings 

      Jiang, Ming; Wyatt, Christopher Lee; Wang, Ge (Hindawi, 2008-03-24)
      X-ray imaging is of paramount importance for clinical and preclinical imaging but it is fundamentally restricted by the attenuation-based contrast mechanism, which has remained essentially the same since Roentgen's discovery ...
    • Zero-current transition PWM converters 

      Electrical and Computer Engineering; Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES); Center for Innovative Technology; Intellectual Properties | Kft; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Lee, Fred C.; Hua, Guichao C. (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 1996-01-23)
      A zero-current transition pulse-width modulated (ZCT-PWM) d.c.-d.c. converter allows minority-carrier semiconductor devices such as, for example, bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), insulated gate bipolar transistors ...