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    • Early childhood investment impacts social decision-making four decades later 

      Luo, Yi; Hetu, Sebastien; Lohrenz, Terry; Hula, Andreas; Dayan, Peter; Ramey, Sharon Landesman; Sonnier-Netto, Libbie; Lisinski, Jonathan; LaConte, Stephen; Nolte, Tobias; Fonagy, Peter; Rahmani, Elham; Montague, P. Read; Ramey, Craig T. (Nature Research, 2018-11-20)
      Early childhood educational investment produces positive effects on cognitive and non-cognitive skills, health, and socio-economic success. However, the effects of such interventions on social decision-making later in life ...
    • Neuroimaging Strategies Addressing Challenges in Using fMRI for the Children with Cerebral Palsy 

      Lee-Park, Juniper J.; Deshpande, Harshawardhan; Lisinski, Jonathan; LaConte, Stephen; Ramey, Sharon Landesman; DeLuca, Stephanie C. (Scientific Research Publishing Inc., 2018-05-17)
      Aim: This study sought to develop a process and methodology that could be a useful clinical and research tool for successfully completing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanning in children with Cerebral ...