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    • Auditory grouping mechanisms reflect a sound's relative position in a sequence 

      Hill, Kevin T.; Bishop, Christopher W.; Miller, Lee M. (Frontiers, 2012-06-08)
      The human brain uses acoustic cues to decompose complex auditory scenes into its components. For instance to improve communication, a listener can select an individual "stream," such as a talker in a crowded room, based ...
    • Is sham cTBS real cTBS? The effect on EEG dynamics 

      Opitz, Alexander; Legon, Wynn; Mueller, Jerel K.; Barbour, Aaron J.; Paulus, Walter; Tyler, William J. (Frontiers Media S.A., 2015-01-08)
      Increasing sensitivity of modern evaluation tools allows for the study of weaker electric stimulation effects on neural populations. In the current study we examined the effects of sham continuous theta burst (cTBS) ...