The Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering Department serves its students, alumni, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the nation through a variety of academic, research and service activities. Our missions are to: holistically educate our students for professional leadership as creative problem-solvers in a diverse society, conduct advanced research for societal advancement, train graduate students for scholarly inquiry, and engage with alumni, industry, government, and community partners through outreach activities. In order to produce engineers prepared for success across a range of career paths, our academic program integrates training in engineering principles, critical thinking, hands-on projects, open-ended problem solving, and the essential skills of teamwork, communication, and ethics.

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  • Cancer Cells Sense Fibers by Coiling on them in a Curvature-Dependent Manner 

    Mukherjee, Apratim; Behkam, Bahareh; Nain, Amrinder S. (2019-09-27)
    Metastatic cancer cells sense the complex and heterogeneous fibrous extracellular matrix (ECM) by formation of protrusions, and our knowledge of how cells physically recognize these fibers remains in its infancy. Here, ...
  • Vibration-based gait analysis via instrumented buildings 

    Kessler, Ellis; Malladi, Vijaya V.N. Sriram; Tarazaga, Pablo Alberto (Sage, 2019-09-11)
    Gait analysis is an invaluable tool in diagnosing and monitoring human health. Current techniques often rely on specialists or expensive gait measurement systems. There is a clear space in the field for a simple, inexpensive, ...
  • Bioinspired design of flexible armor based on chiton scales 

    Connors, Matthew; Yang, Ting; Hosny, Ahmed; Deng, Zhifei; Yazdandoost, Fatemeh; Massaadi, Hajar; Eernisse, Douglas; Mirzaeifar, Reza; Dean, Mason N.; Weaver, James C.; Ortiz, Christine; Li, Ling (Springer Nature, 2019-12-10)
    Man-made armors often rely on rigid structures for mechanical protection, which typically results in a trade-off with flexibility and maneuverability. Chitons, a group of marine mollusks, evolved scaled armors that address ...
  • Velocity and geometry of propagating fronts in complex convective flow fields 

    Mukherjee, Saikat; Paul, Mark (American Physical Society, 2019-01-22)
    We numerically study the propagation of reacting fronts through three-dimensional flow fields composed of convection rolls that include time-independent cellular flow, spatiotemporally chaotic flow, and weakly turbulent ...
  • Power Supply Switch Circuit for Intermittent Energy Harvesting 

    Jung, Hyun Jun; Nezami, Saman; Lee, Soobum (MDPI, 2019-12-01)
    Energy harvesters generate power only when ambient energy is available, and power loss is significant when the harvester does not produce energy and its power management circuit is still turned on. This paper proposes a ...
  • Mechanical Engineering 2019 Annual Report  

    Unknown author (Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2019)
    A comprehensive look at the Virginia Tech Department of Mechanical Engineering and its accomplishments in 2019.
  • Momentum, Fall 2019 

    Unknown author (Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2019)
    This is the Fall 2019 issue of Momentum, the quarterly magazine of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. Each issue looks at research, faculty, students, awards and what's going on in the department.
  • Impacts of process-induced porosity on material properties of copper made by binder jetting additive manufacturing 

    Kumar, Ashwath Yegyan; Wang, Jue; Bai, Yun; Huxtable, Scott T.; Williams, Christopher B. (Elsevier, 2019-07-03)
    Binder Jetting (BJ) is an efficient, economical, and scalable Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology that can be used in fabricating parts made of reflective and conductivematerials like copper, which have applications in ...
  • Focused ultrasound actuation of shape memory polymers; acoustic-thermoelastic modeling and testing 

    Bhargava, Aarushi; Peng, Kaiyuan; Stieg, Jerry; Mirzaeifar, Reza; Shahab, Shima (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017-09-18)
    Controlled drug delivery (CDD) technologies have received extensive attention recently. Despite recent efforts, drug releasing systems still face major challenges in practice, including low efficiency in releasing the ...
  • Peripheral loss of EphA4 ameliorates TBI-induced neuroinflammation and tissue damage 

    Kowalski, Elizabeth A.; Chen, Jiang; Hazy, Amanda; Fritsch, Lauren E.; Gudenschwager-Basso, Erwin K.; Chen, Michael; Wang, Xia; Qian, Yun; Zhou, Mingjun; Byerly, Matthew; Pickrell, Alicia M.; Matson, John B.; Allen, Irving C.; Theus, Michelle H. (2019-11-11)
    Abstract Background The continuum of pro- and anti-inflammatory response elicited by traumatic brain injury (TBI) is suggested to play a key role in the outcome of TBI; however, ...
  • Canonical description of wing kinematics and dynamics for a straight flying insectivorous bat (Hipposideros pratti) 

    Sekhar, Susheel; Windes, Peter; Fan, Xiaozhou; Tafti, Danesh K. (PLOS, 2019-06-25)
    Bats, with highly articulated wings, are some of the most agile flyers in nature. A novel three-dimensional geometric decomposition framework is developed to reduce the complex kinematics of a bat wing into physical movements ...
  • An Adaptive Actuation Mechanism for Anthropomorphic Robot Hands 

    Kontoudis, George P.; Liarokapis, Minas; Vamvoudakis, Kyriakos G.; Furukawa, Tomonari (Frontiers, 2019-07-05)
    This paper presents an adaptive actuation mechanism that can be employed for the development of anthropomorphic, dexterous robot hands. The tendon-driven actuation mechanism achieves both flexion/extension and adduction/abduction ...
  • Seismic control of a SDOF structure through electromagnetic resonant shunt tuned mass-damper-inerter and the exact H-2 optimal solutions 

    Sun, Hongxin; Luo, Yifan; Wang, Xiuyong; Zuo, Lei (2017-05)
    This paper proposes a novel inerter-based component dynamic vibration absorber, namely, electromagnetic resonant shunt tuned mass-damper-inerter (ERS-TMDI). To analyze the performances of the ERS-TMDI, the combined ERS-TMDI ...
  • Nanonet force microscopy for measuring forces in single smooth muscle cells of the human aorta 

    Hall, Alexander; Chan, Patrick; Sheets, Kevin; Apperson, Matthew; Delaughter, Christopher; Gleason, Thomas G.; Phillippi, Julie A.; Nain, Amrinder (2017-07-07)
    A number of innovative methods exist to measure cell-matrix adhesive forces, but they have yet to accurately describe and quantify the intricate interplay of a cell and its fibrous extracellular matrix (ECM). In cardiovascular ...
  • Aligned fibers direct collective cell migration to engineer closing and nonclosing wound gaps 

    Sharma, Puja; Ng, Colin; Jana, Aniket; Padhi, Abinash; Szymanski, Paige; Lee, Jerry S. H.; Behkam, Bahareh; Nain, Amrinder S. (2017-09-15)
    Cell emergence onto damaged or organized fibrous extracellular matrix (ECM) is a crucial precursor to collective cell migration in wound closure and cancer metastasis, respectively. However, there is a fundamental gap in ...
  • Numerical Focusing of a Wide Field-of-View Instrument for Monitoring the Planetary Energy Budget 

    Ashraf, Anum Barki; Mahan, J. Robert; Priestley, Kory J.; Shankar, Mohan (MDPI, 2019-09-21)
    Wide field-of-view optical instruments based on Ritchey-Crétien telescopes have been proposed to replace narrow field-of-view scanning instruments for Earth radiation budget monitoring applications. A disadvantage of such ...
  • Momentum, Summer 2019 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2019)
    The Summer 2019 issue of Momentum, the quarterly magazine of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. Each issue looks at research, faculty, students, awards and what's going on in the department.
  • Review of MEMS differential scanning calorimetry for biomolecular study 

    Yu, Shifeng; Wang, Shuyu; Lu, Ming; Zuo, Lei (2017-12)
    Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is one of the few techniques that allow direct determination of enthalpy values for binding reactions and conformational transitions in biomolecules. It provides the thermodynamics ...
  • Insights into the mechanical properties of several triply periodic minimal surface lattice structures made by polymer additive manufacturing 

    Maskery, I.; Sturm, L.; Aremu, A. O.; Panesar, A.; Williams, C. B.; Tuck, C. J.; Wildman, R. D.; Ashcroft, I. A.; Hague, R. J. M. (2018-09-12)
    Three-dimensional lattices have applications across a range of fields including structural lightweighting, impact absorption and biomedicine. In this work, lattices based on triply periodic minimal surfaces were produced ...
  • Heat Flux Sensing for Machine-Learning-Based Personal Thermal Comfort Modeling 

    Jung, Wooyoung; Jazizadeh, Farrokh; Diller, Thomas E. (MDPI, 2019-08-25)
    In recent years, physiological features have gained more attention in developing models of personal thermal comfort for improved and accurate adaptive operation of Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) Heating, Ventilation, and ...

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