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    • Flux formulation of hyperbolic heat conduction 

      Frankel, J. I.; Vick, Brian; Ozisik, M. Necati (American Institute of Physics, 1985)
      The development of the general flux formulation for heat conduction based on the modified Fourier's law is presented. This new formulation produces a hyperbolic vector equation in heat flux which is more convenient to use ...
    • Hyperbolic heat conduction with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity 

      Glass, D. E.; Ozisik, M. Necati; McRae, D. S.; Vick, Brian (American Institute of Physics, 1986-03-15)
      Hyperbolic heat conduction in a semi-infinite slab with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity is studied numerically, and the results are compared with those obtained from the classical parabolic equation for the ...