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    • Bursts of Bipolar Microsecond Pulses Inhibit Tumor Growth 

      Sano, Michael B.; Arena, Christopher B.; Bittleman, Katelyn R.; DeWitt, Matthew R.; Cho, Hyung J.; Szot, Christopher S.; Saur, Dieter; Cissell, James M.; Robertson, John; Lee, Yong W.; Davalos, Rafael V. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-10-13)
      Irreversible electroporation (IRE) is an emerging focal therapy which is demonstrating utility in the treatment of unresectable tumors where thermal ablation techniques are contraindicated. IRE uses ultra-short duration, ...
    • Pathology of non-thermal irreversible electroporation (N-TIRE)-induced ablation of the canine brain 

      Rossmeisl, John H. Jr.; Garcia, Paulo A.; Roberston, John L.; Ellis, Thomas L.; Davalos, Rafael V. (Korean Society of Veterinary Science, 2013-12-01)
      This study describes the neuropathologic features of normal canine brain ablated with non-thermal irreversible electroporation (N-TIRE). The parietal cerebral cortices of four dogs were treated with N-TIRE using a ...