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    • A theoretical framework of x-ray dark-field tomography 

      Han, W. M.; Eichholz, J. A.; Cheng, X. L.; Wang, Ge (Siam Publications, 2011)
      X-ray mammography is currently the most prevalent imaging modality for screening and diagnosis of breast cancers. However, its success is limited by the poor differentiation between healthy and diseased tissues in the ...
    • A Three-Dimensional in Vitro Tumor Platform for Modeling Therapeutic Irreversible Electroporation 

      Arena, Christopher B.; Szot, Cchristopher S.; Garcia, Paulo A.; Rylander, M. Nichole; Davalos, Rafael V. (CELL PRESS, 2012-06-01)
      Irreversible electroporation (IRE) is emerging as a powerful tool for tumor ablation that utilizes pulsed electric fields to destabilize the plasma membrane of cancer cells past the point of recovery. The ablated region ...