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    • Heat transfer model to characterize the focal cooling necessary to suppress spontaneous epileptiform activity 

      Guerra, Reynaldo G.; Davalos, Rafael V.; Garcia, Paul A.; Rubinsky, Boris; Berger, Mitchel (SPIE, 2005-04-14)
      Epilepsy is characterized by paroxysmal transient disturbances of the electrical activity of the brain. Symptoms are manifested as impairment of motor, sensory, or psychic function with or without loss of consciousness or ...
    • Tumor Ablation with Irreversible Electroporation 

      Al-Sakere, Bassim; Andre, Franck; Bernat, Claire; Connault, Elisabeth; Opolon, Paule; Davalos, Rafael V.; Rubinsky, Boris; Mir, Lluis M. (PLOS, 2007-11-07)
      We report the first successful use of irreversible electroporation for the minimally invasive treatment of aggressive cutaneous tumors implanted in mice. Irreversible electroporation is a newly developed non-thermal tissue ...