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    • Dynamic, Nondestructive Imaging of a Bioengineered Vascular Graft Endothelium 

      Whited, Bryce M.; Hofmann, Matthias C.; Lu, Peng; Xu, Yong; Rylander, Christopher G.; Wang, Ge; Sapoznik, Etai; Criswell, Tracy; Lee, Sang Jin; Soker, Shay; Rylander, Marissa Nichole (PLOS, 2013-04-09)
      Bioengineering of vascular grafts holds great potential to address the shortcomings associated with autologous and conventional synthetic vascular grafts used for small diameter grafting procedures. Lumen endothelialization ...
    • Effect of Localized Mechanical Indentation on Skin Water Content Evaluated Using OCT 

      Gurjarpadhye, Abhijit A.; Vogt, William C.; Liu, Yajing; Rylander, Christopher G. (Hindawi, 2011-08-04)
      The highly disordered refractive index distribution in skin causes multiple scattering of incident light and limits optical imaging and therapeutic depth. We hypothesize that localized mechanical compression reduces ...