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    • Systems Modeling of Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Cytokine-driven CD4+ T Cell Differentiation and Phenotype Plasticity 

      Carbo, Adria; Hontecillas, Raquel; Kronsteiner, Barbara; Viladomiu, Monica; Pedragosa, Mireia; Lu, Pinyl; Philipson, Casandra W.; Hoops, Stefan; Marathe, Madhav; Eubank, Stephan; Bisset, Keith; Wendelsdorf, Katherine; Jarrah, Abdul; Mei, Yongguo; Bassaganya-Riera, Josep (Public Library of Science, 2013-04-04)
      Differentiation of CD4+ T cells into effector or regulatory phenotypes is tightly controlled by the cytokine milieu, complex intracellular signaling networks and numerous transcriptional regulators. We combined experimental ...