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    • Effector diversification within compartments of the Leptosphaeria maculans genome affected by Repeat-Induced Point mutations 

      Rouxel, Thierry; Grandaubert, Jonathan; Hane, James K.; Hoede, Claire; van de Wouw, Angela P.; Couloux, Arnaud; Dominguez, Victoria; Anthouard, Veronique; Bally, Pascal; Bourras, Salim; Cozijnsen, Anton J.; Ciuffetti, Lynda M.; Degrave, Alexandre; Dilmaghani, Azita; Duret, Laurent; Fudal, Isabelle; Goodwin, Stephen B.; Gout, Lilian; Glaser, Nicolas; Linglin, Juliette; Kema, Gert H. J.; Lapalu, Nicolas; Lawrence, Christopher B.; May, Kim; Meyer, Michel; Ollivier, Benedicte; Poulain, Julie; Schoch, Conrad L.; Simon, Adeline; Spatafora, Joseph W.; Stachowiak, Anna; Turgeon, B. Gillian; Tyler, Brett M.; Vincent, Delphine; Weissenbach, Jean; Amselem, Joelle; Quesneville, Hadi; Oliver, Richard P.; Wincker, Patrick; Balesdent, Marie-Helene; Howlett, Barbara J. (Springer Nature, 2011-02)
      Fungi are of primary ecological, biotechnological and economic importance. Many fundamental biological processes that are shared by animals and fungi are studied in fungi due to their experimental tractability. Many fungi ...