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    • Inhibition of PAD4 activity is sufficient to disrupt mouse and human NET formation. 

      Lewis, HD; Liddle, J; Coote, JE; Atkinson, SJ; Barker, MD; Bax, BD; Bicker, KL; Bingham, RP; Campbell, M; Chen, YH; Chung, CW; Craggs, PD; Davis, RP; Eberhard, D; Joberty, G; Lind, KE; Locke, K; Maller, C; Martinod, K; Patten, C; Polyakova, O; Rise, CE; Rüdiger, M; Sheppard, RJ; Slade, DJ; Thomas, P; Thorpe, J; Yao, G; Drewes, G; Wagner, DD; Thompson, PR; Prinjha, RK; Wilson, DM (2015-03)
      PAD4 has been strongly implicated in the pathogenesis of autoimmune, cardiovascular and oncological diseases through clinical genetics and gene disruption in mice. New selective PAD4 inhibitors binding a calcium-deficient ...