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    • Precision mapping of snail habitat provides a powerful indicator of human schistosomiasis transmission 

      Wood, Chelsea L.; Sokolow, Susanne H.; Jones, Isabel J.; Chamberlin, Andrew J.; Lafferty, Kevin D.; Kuris, Armand M.; Jocque, Merlijn; Hopkins, Skylar; Adams, Grant; Buck, Julia C.; Lund, Andrea J.; Garcia-Vedrenne, Ana E.; Fiorenza, Evan; Rohr, Jason R.; Allan, Fiona; Webster, Bonnie; Rabone, Muriel; Webster, Joanne P.; Bandagny, Lydie; Ndione, Raphael; Senghor, Simon; Schacht, Anne-Marie; Jouanard, Nicolas; Riveau, Gilles; De Leo, Giulio A. (2019-11-12)
      Recently, the World Health Organization recognized that efforts to interrupt schistosomiasis transmission through mass drug administration have been ineffective in some regions; one of their new recommended strategies for ...