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    • Age-related variations in the methylome associated with gene expression in human monocytes and T cells 

      Reynolds, Lindsay M.; Taylor, Jackson R.; Ding, Jingzhong; Lohman, Kurt; Johnson, Craig; Siscovick, David; Burke, Gregory L.; Post, Wendy; Shea, Steven; Jacobs, David R., Jr.; Stunnenberg, Hendrik G.; Kritchevsky, Stephen B.; Hoeschele, Ina; McCall, Charles E.; Herrington, David M.; Tracy, Russell P.; Liu, Yongmei (Springer Nature, 2014-11)
      Age-related variations in DNA methylation have been reported; however, the functional relevance of these differentially methylated sites (age-dMS) are unclear. Here we report potentially functional age-dMS, defined as ...
    • Blood monocyte transcriptome and epigenome analyses reveal loci associated with human atherosclerosis 

      Liu, Yongmei; Reynolds, Lindsay M.; Ding, Jingzhong; Hou, Li; Lohman, Kurt; Young, Tracey; Cui, Wei; Huang, Zhiqing; Grenier, Carole; Wan, Ma; Stunnenberg, Hendrik G.; Siscovick, David; Hou, Lifang; Psaty, Bruce M.; Rich, Stephen S.; Rotter, Jerome I.; Kaufman, Joel D.; Burke, Gregory L.; Murphy, Susan; Jacobs, David R., Jr.; Post, Wendy; Hoeschele, Ina; Bell, Douglas A.; Herrington, David M.; Parks, John S.; Tracy, Russell P.; McCall, Charles E.; Stein, James H. (Springer Nature, 2017-08-30)
      Little is known regarding the epigenetic basis of atherosclerosis. Here we present the CD14+ blood monocyte transcriptome and epigenome signatures associated with human atherosclerosis. The transcriptome signature includes ...