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    • Cell Cycle Model System for Advancing Cancer Biomarker Research 

      Lazar, Iulia M.; Hoeschele, Ina; de Morais, Juliana; Tenga, Milagros J. (Springer Nature, 2017-12-21)
      Progress in understanding the complexity of a devastating disease such as cancer has underscored the need for developing comprehensive panels of molecular markers for early disease detection and precision medicine applications. ...
    • XTALKDB: a database of signaling pathway crosstalk 

      Sam, Sarah A.; Teel, Joelle; Tegge, Allison N.; Bharadwaj, Aditya; Murali, T. M. (2017-01-04)
      Analysis of signaling pathways and their crosstalk is a cornerstone of systems biology. Thousands of papers have been published on these topics. Surprisingly, there is no database that carefully and explicitly documents ...