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    • Genome analysis of a major urban malaria vector mosquito, Anopheles stephensi 

      Jiang, X.; Peery, A.; Hall, B.; Sharma, A.; Chen, X-G.; Waterhouse, R. M.; Komissarov, A.; Riehle, M. M.; Shouche, Y; Sharakhova, Maria V.; Lawson, D.; Pakpour, Nazzy; Arensburger, P.; Davidson, V. L. M.; Eiglmeier, K.; Emrich, S.; George, P.; Kennedy, R. C.; Mane, S. P.; Maslen, G.; Oringanje, C.; Qi, Y.; Settlage, R.; Tojo, M.; Tubio, J. M. C.; Unger, M. F.; Wang, B.; Vernick, K. D.; Ribeiro, J. C.; James, A. A.; Michel, K.; Riehle, M. A.; Luckhart, Shirley; Sharakhov, Igor V.; Tu, Zhijian (Biomed Central Ltd, 2014-01-01)
      Background: Anopheles stephensi is the key vector of malaria throughout the Indian subcontinent and Middle East and an emerging model for molecular and genetic studies of mosquito-parasite interactions. The type form of ...