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    • ERAMOSA controls lateral branching in snapdragon 

      Mizzotti, Chiara; Galliani, Bianca M.; Dreni, Ludovico; Sommer, Hans; Bombarely, Aureliano; Masiero, Simona (Springer Nature, 2017-02-01)
      Plant forms display a wide variety of architectures, depending on the number of lateral branches, internode elongation and phyllotaxy. These are in turn determined by the number, the position and the fate of the Axillary ...
    • Identification, characterization, and gene expression analysis of nucleotide binding site (NB)-type resistance gene homologues in switchgrass. 

      Frazier, Taylor P.; Palmer, Nathan A.; Xie, Fuliang; Tobias, Christian M.; Donze-Reiner, Teresa J.; Bombarely, Aureliano; Childs, Kevin L.; Shu, Shengqiang; Jenkins, Jerry W.; Schmutz, Jeremy; Zhang, Baohong; Sarath, Gautam; Zhao, Bingyu (2016-11-08)
      BACKGROUND: Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) is a warm-season perennial grass that can be used as a second generation bioenergy crop. However, foliar fungal pathogens, like switchgrass rust, have the potential to significantly ...
    • The Sol Genomics Network (SGN)-from genotype to phenotype to breeding 

      Fernandez-Pozo, Noe; Menda, Naama; Edwards, Jeremy D.; Saha, Surya; Tecle, Isaak Y.; Strickler, Susan R.; Bombarely, Aureliano; Fisher-York, Thomas; Pujar, Anuradha; Foerster, Hartmut; Yan, Aimin; Mueller, Lukas A. (2015-01-28)
      The Sol Genomics Network (SGN, is a web portal with genomic and phenotypic data, and analysis tools for the Solanaceae family and close relatives. SGN hosts whole genome data for an increasing number ...