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    • AvrRxo1 Is a Bifunctional Type III Secreted Effector and Toxin-Antitoxin System Component with Homologs in Diverse Environmental Contexts 

      Triplett, Lindsay R.; Shidore, Teja; Long, John; Miao, Jiamin; Wu, Shuchi; Han, Qian; Zhou, Changhe; Ishihara, Hiromichi; Li, Jianyong; Zhao, Bingyu; Leach, Jan E. (PLOS, 2016-07-08)
      Toxin-antitoxin (TA) systems are ubiquitous bacterial systems that may function in genome maintenance and metabolic stress management, but are also thought to play a role in virulence by helping pathogens survive stress. ...
    • The effector AvrRxo1 phosphorylates NAD in planta 

      Shidore, Teja; Broeckling, Corey D.; Kirkwood, Jay S.; Long, John J.; Miao, Jiamin; Zhao, Bingyu; Leach, Jan E.; Triplett, Lindsay R. (PLOS, 2017-06-19)
      Gram-negative bacterial pathogens of plants and animals employ type III secreted effectors to suppress innate immunity. Most characterized effectors work through modification of host proteins or transcriptional regulators, ...