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  • Civil Cyberconflict: Microsoft, Cybercrime, and Botnets 

    Hiller, Janine S. (Santa Clara University School of Law, 2014-01)
    Cyber “warfare” and hackback by private companies is a hot discussion topic for its potential to fight cybercrime and promote cybersecurity. In the shadow of this provocative discussion, Microsoft has led a concerted, ...
  • Privacy and Security in the Implementation of Health Information Technology (Electronic Health Records): U.S. and EU Compared 

    Hiller, Janine; McMullen, Matthew S.; Chumney, Wade M.; Baumer, David L. (Boston University School of Law, 2011)
    The importance of the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and the associated cost savings cannot be ignored as an element in the changing delivery of health care. However, the potential cost savings predicted in ...
  • Stock market openings: Experience of emerging economies 

    Kim, E. H.; Singal, V. (University of Chicago Press, 2000-01)
    This article is an exploratory examination of the benefits and risks associated with opening of stock markets. Specifically, we estimate changes in the level and volatility of stock returns, inflation, and exchange rates ...
  • Is time-series-based predictability evident in real time? 

    Cooper, M.; Gulen, H. (University of Chicago Press, 2006-05)
    We show that out-of-sample tests used in the timeseries predictability literature may suffer from test size problems related to the common practice of exogenous specification of critical parameters, such as the choice of ...
  • Foreign currency - Denominated debt: An empirical examination 

    Kedia, S.; Mozumdar, A. (University of Chicago Press, 2003-10)
    We examine the determinants of debt issuance in 10 major currencies by large U. S. firms. Using the fraction of foreign subsidiaries and tests exploiting the disaggregated nature of our data, we find strong evidence that ...
  • Controlling the conflict-of-interest in management buyouts 

    Easterwood, J. C.; Singer, R. F.; Seth, A.; Lang, D. F. (MIT Press, 1994-08)
    A controversial aspect of the management buyouts that were popular throughout the 1980s is the potential for a conflict of interest to arise when a manager bids to acquire the firm he manages. This study examines 184 ...