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    • Estrus Synchronization for Heifers 

      Hall, John Burton, 1960-; Liles, Amanda Gail; Whittier, W. Dee (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2005-09-01)
      By using estrus synchronization and artificial insemination, you can increase the number of heifers calving early in the calving season, reduce dystocia, use superior sires, and increase calf weaning weights.
    • GnRH Based Estrus Synchronization Systems for Beef Cows 

      Hall, John Burton, 1960-; Whittier, W. Dee; Myers, Jim; Cline, Mark Andrew; Cuddy, David (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2005-09-01)
      New systems of synchronizing estrus in cows for artificial insemination have been developed using Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH). These systems allow producers to artificially inseminate cows with little or no heat ...
    • Predicting Bull Fertility 

      Whittier, W. Dee; Bailey, Thomas Lee, 1951- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2005-09-01)
      Discusses the Breeding Soundness Examination, a valuable tool or predicting fertility of bulls and increasing herd reproductive performance.