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    • Gut microbiota and their putative metabolic functions in fragmented Bengal tiger population of Nepal 

      Karmacharya, Dibesh; Manandhar, Prajwol; Manandhar, Sulochana; Sherchan, Adarsh M.; Sharma, Ajay N.; Joshi, Jyoti; Bista, Manisha; Bajracharya, Shailendra; Awasthi, Nagendra P.; Sharma, Netra; Llewellyn, Bronwyn; Waits, Lisette P.; Thapa, Kanchan; Kelly, Marcella J.; Vuyisich, Momchilo; Starkenburg, Shawn R.; Hero, Jean-Marc; Hughes, Jane; Wultsch, Claudia; Bertola, Laura; Fountain-Jones, Nicholas M.; Sinha, Amit K. (PLOS, 2019-08-29)
      Bengal tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) serve a pivotal role as an apex predator in forest ecosystems. To increase our knowledge on factors impacting the viability and health of this endangered species, we studied the gut ...
    • Species, sex and geo-location identification of seized tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) parts in Nepal—A molecular forensic approach 

      Karmacharya, Dibesh; Sherchan, Adarsh M.; Dulal, Santosh; Manandhar, Prajwol; Manandhar, Sulochana; Joshi, Jyoti; Bhattarai, Susmita; Bhatta, Tarka R.; Awasthi, Nagendra; Sharma, Ajay N.; Bista, Manisha; Silwal, Nawa R.; Pokharel, Pravin; Lamichhane, Rom R.; Sharma, Netra; Llewellyn, Bronwyn; Wultsch, Claudia; Kelly, Marcella J.; Gour, Digpal; Waits, Lisette; Hero, Jean-Marc; Hughes, Jane (PLOS, 2018-08-23)
      Tiger (Panthera tigris) populations are in danger across their entire range due to habitat loss, poaching and the demand for tiger parts. The Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) is an endangered apex predator with a ...