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    • Are Road Crossings Fragmenting Populations of Clinch Dace? 

      Bourquin, Rebecca M.; Orth, Donald J.; Hallerman, Eric M.; Stauffer, Dean F. (Humboldt Field Research Institute, 2020-11-16)
      Chrosomus sp. cf. saylori (Clinch Dace) is a newly recognized species of minnow with a restricted distribution in southwestern Virginia. We analyzed genetic variation and abundance at paired sites above and below road ...
    • Macroinvertebrate sensitivity thresholds for sediment in Virginia streams 

      Govenor, Heather; Krometis, Leigh Anne Henry; Willis, Lawrence; Angermeier, Paul L.; Hession, W. Cully (2019-01)
      Sediment is the most commonly identified pollutant associated with macroinvertebrate community impairments in freshwater streams nationwide. Management of this physical stressor is complicated by the multiple measures of ...