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    • Composition and Drivers of Gut Microbial Communities in Arctic-Breeding Shorebirds 

      Grond, Kirsten; Santo Domingo, Jorge W.; Lanctot, Richard B.; Jumpponen, Ari; Bentzen, Rebecca L.; Boldenow, Megan L.; Brown, Stephen C.; Casler, Bruce; Cunningham, Jenny A.; Doll, Andrew C.; Freeman, Scott; Hill, Brooke L.; Kendall, Steven J.; Kwon, Eunbi; Liebezeit, Joseph R.; Pirie-Dominix, Lisa; Rausch, Jennie; Sandercock, Brett K. (2019-10-09)
      Gut microbiota can have important effects on host health, but explanatory factors and pathways that determine gut microbial composition can differ among host lineages. In mammals, host phylogeny is one of the main drivers ...